New Monitoring App For Both Mobile And PC Devices

Track smartphones without hampering the personal space!

Why Do You Need A Monitoring App?

We live in a world which is extensively stuffed with multiple devices. Owning a smartphone or PC is not a luxury, it has become the necessity.

Why do you need a tracking application? Simple, you can’t allow others to use your Android smartphone or PC without your permission. For instance, you spend most of the time outside the home. You have children at home. For sure, you want to track their device usage. You are not hindering their personal space. Tracking will help you in taking down cybercrimes. That’s it!

Same goes for businesses. If you have a team of employees working for you, you must want them to work instead of surfing internet. With a tracking app, you scan their online activities easily.

If you are facing such problems, HoverWatch is a potential solution for your issues!

HoverWatch – Best Digital Spy


As the name implies, HoverWatch is a tracking application that offers premium spying features for discreet tracking. It is a perfect solution to keep your loved ones safe and secure.

This monitoring app has a lot of unique perks. Usually tracking apps are focused on one aspect only, like SMS or call recording. But HoverWatch is a complete package. From SMS to social media, you can peek inside everything without leaving a trace. That’s why it comes under the tag of hidden spy apps for android. You can’t get it on Google Play Store. To avail its services, please check out its official site.

Let’s see why HoverWatch is the best spying app!

SMS & Call Recording: We use smartphones for two vital services; text messages and calls. This app can record all sent or received messages along with call history of the target device. The user won’t have a clue because you get the data on your personal dashboard online. You can see the demo at

Social Media Tracking: Facebook and Whatsapp have primarily used platforms by teenagers. Children do not allow their parents to invade the personal space. In this situation, HoverWatch is here to help. It will record photos, videos, and audios which have been shared on these platforms.

SIM Card Tracking: Today, kids are smarter beyond our expectations. They tend to change the SIM card to avoid tracking. Well, HoverWatch can manage that too.

Front Camera Snapping: Whenever the target device gets unlocked, its front camera will capture and send the photo of the user, directly to your dashboard.

Highly Compatible: The best part, it works on all popular platforms like Android, Windows and Mac OS.

Bottom Line

For parental control, HoverWatch stands out in the crowd. With simple signup, you can track activities of your kids or loved ones to keep them safe. Without leaving the trace, you can record the data from another device. You can utilize its geolocation feature to get the precise idea about your kid’s location. If you are an employer, HoverWatch is the ideal way to check the performance of your employees.

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