IP Configuration Settings On Your Wireless Router!!

The internet is a very important word these days because it is very difficult to live without internet.  The Internet is the most important thing for everyone.  To connect to the internet you will need a router through IP address, admin. Is an IP address which is private and is used by Netgear routers and many other brand services?  Computer devices can also use this IP address across a variety of networks.  But there is only one device which one can use IP address.

Configuring Router to

If you are having this IP address, then you can utilize your network administration or be configuring software interface by visiting URL fix or repair issues. Issues such as

  • PC and browser failed to connect to network
  • Router is set up to another  IP address
  • The router is unresponsive to connections via browser

How to Connect to a Router Through

  • If you are having any issue connecting to router IP address, then here are few suggestions which you must consider.
  • On Windows desktop, you can press right click on network icon which you will find and then start menu then choose properties.
  • Secondly, you will have to view status  of LAN connection
  • Now select properties and then click on the internet protocol and then again n the properties button. You can also select to get IP address automatically and you can get a unique IP address.
  • They will leave subnet mask at and then type in admin to get default gateway.

Address of IP Changed on Router:

If you are having any doubt that  your IP address  need a change or maybe using  different IP address, then you can check  the official website  or routers  manual or you can also  use instructions  to view the address  that is listed as default gateway and troubleshoot all the existing settings  after resetting it completely.

How to Find Router Address?

First you can visit the settings of your network on windows and start the menu search bar

  • Then right click on router and it can also be identified by the model and brand and then select properties.
  • Now a new window is going to appear. Navigate to the device tab network. Here you are going to see IP address in the section of troubleshooting.

Getting Access to the Router Configuration Settings:

  • First you will need to check your PC connection with router using your network connection.
  • Now type IP address in your browser and then wait for a while and then you will have to fill up new password and username.
  • Now you can use the manual and information of the login administrative for to get authentic identity and will give restarting to your router.
  • Now disconnect the firewall  for a moment and reset router  to the default settings

Follow these steps to get to and change password and admin and get successful in changing settings.

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