All about IP Address - You Need to Know Everything!! is the most common IP address in majority of the ADSL modems and wireless routers. Other than this, there are other IP addresses also which the router companies prefer like or However, remains most common networks. They are most commonly known as host addresses.

Log in With the IP Address:

  1. Type without http in the browser`s bar. If the isn`t in the router`s IP address try using the other alternative to get the IP address by using the command prompt menu to ascertain the default gateway for a network.
  2. Enter the username along with the password when the web page opens. In case you do not know the password you may simply look behind the router or ADSL modem wherein the username and passwords are given. The default username generally is “admin” with password being just “password”
  3. After entering the correct IP address followed by correct username and password, you can now configure the router.
  4. This successfully completes the 168.1.1 admin login.

What else to do when you forget username and the password

Here is a quick synopsis of the steps to know the username and password of a router network:

  1. If you aren’t sure about the username and the default password, of the router, you can look at the label behind the router or ADSL modem. Most of the ADSL modems and wi-fi routers have the information given at the back.
  2. In case you have forgotten the password, you will have to then factory reset the router to configure the settings. Remember that when you factory reset a router or a modem all the previously saved settings are deleted. So if you have any important saved setting, make sure to create a backup of it.

For factory reset, you have to press the hidden button that is located on the modem and router. In some modems, there isn`t option of pressing the button and you will have to prick the button using a needle or a pointed object.

The option of factory reset remains the last one when a user forgets the password or a username. Factory resetting is previously the last option, which rests with the user. After the factory reset, choose a password, which is a mixture of characters, symbols and numbers.

The new password should be framed in such a way that it should be easy for you to remember and at the same time, it should be difficult for others to crack. Since the IP address of any network is used to refer to the user, crack of password might invite foul usage by hackers. Keep an antivirus updated in your system that tracks and neutralizes malicious programs online. The antivirus will block unsafe websites that might steal away your password, username and other private data. Few antivirus software like Norton have their own search engines that warn of a page if it is unsafe to browse, when the search result display.

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