3 Strategies to Build Innovative Restaurant Loyalty Program

A restaurant is among the most perfect business models for creating an innovative loyalty program. But every business is unique and has its special offerings. The loyalty program you create for your restaurant should also be unique and offer something to your guests that keeps bringing them back for more.

So what can you do to create and deliver better loyalty programs to your customers?

1. Take the Mobile Route

With almost everyone having a mobile device, nowadays, it is essential that you provide your loyalty program on mobile devices. The best restaurant loyalty program - say2b is an excellent choice of such a mobile app. Most of the customers today prefer using a specialized app to keep track of and redeem their loyalty rewards.

Studies show that mobile app-based loyalty systems help boost orders by an average of 32%. Such systems are automated and allow launching loyalty systems within minutes.

The statistics show that consumers are likely to do the following with a loyalty program app on their device:

  • Enter & redeem points
  • View their rewards balance
  • Check rewards’ cost
  • Check program details
  • Check restaurant menu

Make sure that your staff has all the knowledge of your loyalty app. This will be important when it comes to answering your guests’ queries.

2. Go Beyond Monetary Rewards

When it comes to creating your rewards, it is important to go beyond the monetary offerings. You can offer points, gifts, and holiday greetings to boost repeat sales. Keep in mind that your competitors are also trying to lure customers back with monetary rewards. You should go a step further and have them build a more emotional attachment with your brand.

One thing you can do is to align your brand with unique causes which are supported by your target audience.

  • Serve locally sourced ingredients
  • Take stands on social issues without offending any group or large segment of population

The loyalty you build using such strategies help in reducing how much discounts and monetary rewards you have to offer to bring new customers or repeat customers.

When creating your loyalty program, it is important to keep your rewards within your profit margins. And using such non-monetary strategies can go a long way in building loyalty without affecting your long-term bottom-line.

Some of the other reward can include points based, members-only guaranteed reservations for special events, points-based special dinners, or other unique offerings.

3. Constant Communication with Members

Another important strategy to create a successful restaurant loyalty program is to maintain constant communication with your members. Studies show that over 50% of consumers in the US maintain loyalty to brands that interact with them on channels they prefer.

In this case, email marketing for restaurants is the best option.
Also, you can:
  • Send push notifications and emails on your customers’ mobile devices
  • The right app should allow you to send push notifications any time and any day
  • The app should allow you to send personalized emails with just a few clicks
  • You should be able to send notifications based on demographics
  • You should be able to send messages to program members and/or existing customers

It is important to realize the importance of communicating with your customers in ways they desire to, you are able to connect better with them. The messages you send can be focused on bringing them back for special events, their birthdays or anniversaries, happy hours, and promotions.

So follow all these tips to create a powerful loyalty program for your restaurant. It is recommended to use the best restaurant loyalty program - say2b to have total control over the system and create custom campaigns.

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