4 Gaming Gifts You Can Give to Your Friends

You probably have a lot of gamer friends, and you might be in a situation or occasion where you will give gifts to them. Think of things that your friends don’t have yet and provide them with something that will make their gaming experience more fun and enjoyable. There are a lot of gift ideas you can think of, such as watches like the Speedmaster, coffee mugs, etc. But nothing can compare if you give them gaming gifts. This list will provide you with ideas of what are the perfect gaming gifts to your friends.

Ace Bayou X Rocker Pedestal Chair

When you talk about comfortability, this budget gaming chair is perfect for giving for your gamer friends. Not all gaming chairs are for PC gamers. If you want to pay in from of your TV with your favorite consoles such as PS4 or Xbox, the Ace Bayou X Rocker Pedestal Chair is the best choice. This gaming chair has Bluetooth 2.1 feature. For the audio, it has two speakers and a great subwoofer.

If you don’t want to feel the hassle when you are playing, you can plug in a headset or charge your controllers via the side ports in the chair. It is worth a note: get optical to RCA adapter if you’re using a PS4 Slim or Pro with this chair. The model’s price is in the range of $100 to $150, but it’s still more affordable than compared to other gaming chairs. Less than $200 is not that much to pay for a great gaming throne.

Pokeball Coffee Mug

If your friend is a Pokemon love, then this mug is the perfect gift for them. Every gamer should start their morning every day with this awesome Pokeball mug. Coffee is a gamer’s best friend because it is rich in caffeine, which is an important ingredient that helps us beat exhaustion and sleepiness, stay focused even after many hours of playing, it also boosts our reflexes to keep shart when we play. Coffee also tastes so good and it makes you feel unbeatable.

Drinking coffee will make your mood active and fresh. The material used in this mug is white and glossy ceramics. It is microwaveable and dishwasher safe. So before this item gets out of stock, go ahead and buy this mug in the gaming store near you. It will make the person you’re gonna give this gift obviously love it.

Handheld Retro Game Console Phone Case

If your friend owns an iPhone 7 Plus, then giving them this unique case will make them appreciate it. There's a lot of phone cases out there in the market, some offer high-quality protection, and some just look good. But this ‘Game phone case’ offers something different, a great iPhone case that turns the back into a working ‘Game Boy’ Color.’ It is available for most iPhone models. It has a built-in LCD screen at the top, it features a red A and B buttons, D-pad, and grey select, Sound, On/Off, and a Reset buttons.

This case has its battery, so it will not drain your iPhone’s power faster than usual, and you can charge the case via USB, it has a micro-USB port on the side. You can choose from the 36 different titles to play. The list includes Tetris, Super Mario Brothers, Galaga, Arkanoid, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Pooyan, 1942, Lode Runner, and Bomb Jack. Choose the game you want to try, and it will start. It has excellent quality for an iPhone case, and you want to keep reminding yourself you’re playing a game using a phone case.

Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset

A gamer needs a good gaming headset to enhance their gaming experience, and this is an excellent gift to your gamer friend. Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset tops on its quality and comfort. Logitech has made it possible to deliver a premium polish to it. If you compare its design to other headsets, it’s much better, especially against the ROG series. It is made of aluminum and steel. The headband is wrapped in leather while the earpads are made of soft foam.

The earpad’s pressure is not too severe on the ears. If your concern is comfortability, the earpads offer it, and it has a minimal audio leak. It stays on position and doesn’t wobble. Logitech has made sure that this headset is durable with the sturdy build and comes with an extra pair of earpad.


There are a lot of items in the market that are worth giving. The mentioned above gadgets are just some of the possible gifts for your gamer friend. Take the extra mile and research about the things that will possibly make them happy. Even if it’s just a coffee mug that you’re going to give them, they will be pleased because you made an effort, and it comes from the heart.

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