5 Best Free Apps for Windows 7

The incredible features of Windows 7 has resulted it in winning the good feedback from all users who have tried it so far. From the user interface to functions, everything is perfect. This is the reason why count of users of Windows 7 is increasing day by day. The thing that I like most about Windows 7 is that there are many free apps available for it. You can download incredible apps related to various categories, and can enhance your experience. Since there are hundreds of thousands available for Windows 7, therefore it's quite hard to select the best ones. Well, you don't need to worry about the selection task, as I am up with this list about free apps for Windows 7. Do check it out.


Before looking for anything else, you should find out the ways to increase performance of your Windows 7 based PC, because if the speed is not good, then you can't have good taste of any feature. Talking about the speed factor, the best way to increase it by clearing all files and programs that are of no use for you. But how to find them? CCleaner is the answer. This is simple to use utility program that finds out all unused files on your PC and then clears them so as to provide a top-notch speed to it. This is the best among all free apps for Windows 7.

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VLC Media Player

The second name in this list about best free apps for Windows 7, is the 'VLC Media Player'. This media player lets you play audio and video files. VLC Media Player has been the most preferred media player by many. You can run your favorite videos and audios on it, with the quality being at its best.

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Evernote is the app that can help in increasing your productivity. You can organize your notes in a better and effective way, and can access them at anytime you want to. This app is highly recommended for professionals, as they can save their new business ideas in it.  It's very common that entrepreneurs lose their new creative ideas that come into their hands. Evernote makes sure that you can save any new idea in no time. One of the best free apps for Windows 7, for entrepreneurs.

Gmail Notifier Plus

If you have your email ID on Gmail, then you must download this app on your Windows 7 PC. With this, you can get notifications for new emails right on your desktop. So if you are tired from accessing Gmail in your browser again and again to check new emails, then consider downloading this app. Nothing is better than this for you in this list of free apps for Windows 7.


Do you have a blog or website of your own? If yes, then FileZilla can make the work of uploading new files easy. This is best FTP client till date, and is available for Windows 7 as well.

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