5 Best Free Calling App For Android


In the current era, the smartphone has become the favorite gadget to communicate with friends and loving beings. All thanks to Internet technology which makes the smartphones capable to keep us in touch with our friends and family. Yeah, thanks to third-party developers as well, who have developed many tremendous apps till date. If the app named ‘WhatsApp‘ has eaten the SMS use, then there are many VoIP apps that have eaten up the use of calls. The count of people who call others using their service provider’s calling facility, has been reducing from past some time. Well, it’s nothing of surprise as it’s common that a person will always prefer to use VoIP app for cheap calling, rather than paying to service provider for the calls.

Talking about the best calling app for Android, it’s somewhat tough to decide, as there are many available as of now. In case you have Android device, and are looking for best free calling app for Android, then you are on right page. I am here with the list of best free calling app for Android. So what are you waiting for? Just keep reading the article to know about the best calling app for Android.


5 Best Free Calling App For Android

This app is undoubtedly the best. You can send free messages and can call your friends, for free. The voice and video quality offered by Viber is just enormous. You can have HD video chat with up to 40 people at single time. The Push Notification feature makes sure that you always get notified whenever a person calls or messages you. No chance to miss any call.


Skype is a well-reputed and old name when it comes about calling apps. This has been the best free calling app for Android, for quite some time. If you have used Skype on PC, then you must fall in love with Skype for Android, and will surely tag it as the ‘best calling app for Android’. This app provides high quality voice and video in the chatting.


There are many Android users for whom, this app is the best free calling app for Android. Well, the app is indeed very good. You can have voice and video conversion with the quality at its best, while on the go. If you have your contacts on any instant messaging service, then also there is nothing to worry. You can import the contacts with ease.

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This app has become best free calling app for Android, for many users in a very short time. The features of this app will surely convince you to give the tag of ‘best calling app for Android’ to this app.


Apart from VoIP services, you can use this app for instant messaging. With this app, you can stay logged into your multiple instant messaging accounts at the same instant.

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