5 Best Traveling Apps

The summer is here, and with that comes the time for many to travel to their vacation destinations. Whether it’s somewhere abroad or someplace in the continental U.S., there are many new apps that make traveling much easier and convenient.

So which ones are the best? Here’s a list of the top 5 to check out for your next trip.

1. ItsEasy

Everyone hates having to renew his or her passports. The process is tiring and the wait is long—it’s not fun to any extent. But it has to be done if you want to travel out of the country. ItsEasy is an app that facilitates and quickens the passport renewal process.

First off, the forms are emailed to you and you can then use your phone as a passport photo camera. There’s no need to go to a location that does passport photos. Once done with the forms, everything must me mailed to ItsEasy. There is a $29.95 service charge on top of the standard government renewal fees; all can be paid on the app. Once everything is done, you can expect to receive your passport in 2-3 weeks.

  1. Google Translate

If you are traveling abroad, you’ll likely have to face some language barriers. Google Translate does exactly as it sounds—translate. But what makes this app particularly great is that it does both offline AND real-time translations. With over 103 language capabilities, all that has to be done is type what needs to be translated. It’s simple, fast and practical, especially in comparison to travel language phrasebooks. The app is available to iOS and Android smart devices.

  1. Grab

Flying is always a hassle, no mater where and how long you are flying—especially if you aren’t flying direct and have a layover. Grab is then the app to have handy. What it does is let you know two things: #1 what restaurants are available, their locations as well as their menus and #2 the layouts of the various terminals. The app is compatible in 17 U.S. airports. And online food ordering can even be done in the different restaurants within the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. That particular feature will definitely expand to other airport locations.

  1. Chatnbook 

Want to know what hotels are available in a particular destination, on a particular date with your preferred amenities? That’s what Chatnbook does—all with a swipe of the screen and a tap of the thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon (like Tinder). What are displayed are photos of the available hotels and all their specs. You just have to swipe through them until you like one. Once one is selected, the hotel will contact you with their rates.

  1. AroundMe

AroundMe is another travel app that does exactly as it sounds: find what locations are near you. So anywhere you travel, you can locate what restaurants, bars, gas stations, hotels, hospitals, entertainment venues etc. are in proximity to you. It’s great if you don’t want to search endlessly for a desired destination and just want to find something easily.

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Andrea Fisher is a marketing copywriter and thoroughly loves all things travel-related. When she’s not writing about the latest tech apps and products, you can find her planning her next getaway. She’s currently making an itinerary for an upcoming trip to Spain.

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