5 Free Online Games for Kids Virtual World Games

Kids love to play games and entertain them. This is the reason we all miss our childhood- no tension, fun all the time. With the passage of time, the way for the kids to get entertained has changed literally. Nowadays, they enjoy by playing digital games on their gadgets. All thanks to growing technology. There are many games that are meant for kids only. Yeah, there are many online games for kids virtual world games as well. If you want to give a nice childhood to your kid, then you must be good in selecting games for him/her. I know this is not as easy as sounds. But don't worry, I am here with the list of free online games for kids virtual world games. Do check out the list.

Toontown Online

This is the best game and undoubtedly deserves first rank in this list of free online games for kids virtual world games. This is an incredible MMORPG which is played by millions of kids every day. You can have a great fun while playing this game. If you are looking for a good enjoyable game for your kid, then there is nothing better than you. This game is tagged as first MMORPG game that is meant for kids. It is developed by Walt Disney Company.

Angry Birds

This highly popular game, which is available for all major mobile OS, can be played online as well. Your kids will fall in love with this game for sure. The graphics of this game are really cool that attract every person of any age. The concept of this game is the war between angry birds and pigs. The ones that are in our control are 'angry birds'. They must be used as stones in the way so that they can destroy the pigs. Once it is done, the level is flashed as 'completed'. There are many levels in this game. The high user base of this game makes it stand in this list of free online games for kids virtual world games.

Club Penguin

This game has penguin cartoons as its central character, which is the best plus point in this game. It is simple to play and highly addictive game. The player in this game expand the wonderland virtual world. The limited version of this game is available for free. The full version has price tag. Paying for the game should not mind you because it is the game which your kid will like for sure.

Free Rice

The next one in this list of free online games for kids virtual world games, is the Free Rice. In this game, player gives answer to multiple choice question. If player gives correct answer, then he/she is rewarded with 10 grains of rice, which he/she can donate anywhere.


Your kid loves pets? If this is so, then he/she will surely love this online game as well. This game has high-end graphics and unique concept, which make it better than many free online games for kids virtual world games.

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