5 Lesser Known Android Apps That Might Change Your Life

5 Lesser Known Android Apps That Might Change Your Life!

There is no competition for the following five Android apps which are so useful that they can go to the extent of saving lives, and can at least be noted adding value to the customer's life. Once you know of these apps, then you will most likely decide on an Android phone as your next buy.

Let us take a look at these apps in the order of their importance.

Top 5 Lesser Known Apps To Change Your Life:

1. Safe Trek:

The times are unsafe and anyone of us could be in the unfortunate situation, needing urgent police help. Whether you are in a deserted place, stuck alone with the impending threat of a robbery or when you are getting stalked, this app will come handy. This app works on Android versions 4.0.3 and higher, was last updated in mid-2016, and is rated between average to good.

There are three modes of this app. Press the button till you are in an alarming situation, and when you reach the safe point, then release the emergency position and enter the pin code and convey your safety. Alternatively, if the things go from bad to worse, then simply let go of the button and do not enter a PIN code. This step will ensure police locates you and comes to your rescue. This is a free app and verified by police officials as helpful.

2. Reverse Dictionary:

The second app worth getting is the reverse dictionary. It is useful for all those, who work in the corporate. When you cannot think of a word, you just need to describe in minor detail what you are looking for and this app will give you a word for it. It makes you stand your ground in tricky situations, and all for free! It is a great app for meetings when you want to create a good impression. This app works on android version 4.0.3 and onwards though the last update was in 2015. However, the customer reviews still applaud this app and have rated it a 3 or more on the basis of usage.

3. Android USB Drivers:

How to download USB drivers for Android is our next feature. These drivers are crucial when you wish to connect your phone to your computer to transfer files. Reading this article will give you a free tutorial on how to download, and there are further links for all drivers you might need for your phone.

4. Hudway:

Another not to miss app is Hudway. If it is pouring, or there are snowflakes or fog/smog affecting your vision, then just put your phone screen on maximum brightness and see your phone help you drive safe. This app is also useful when there is very little light, it's night, and there are no street lights which makes your vision unclear even with headlights and all lights on.

This app is a boon for those, who do not know how to read confusing GPS maps and who do not understand the accent of the English in which the phone is giving commands. When you do not have a friend to tell you about the next sharp turn, or where there is a road bump and where you should slow down, then this app will serve you good and hold you in good stead.

You will need an internet connection for this to work. So, before venturing out for a night of adventure, you should ensure safety with a good fast internet connection enabled on your phone. However, you can use this app offline too if you have already traversed this route before and it is saved on the device. The best part is that it is a free app and very impressive!

5. Automatic Call Recorder Pro:

There is also an app for call recording. We all need it. It can be used for fun and recreation or for more serious matters such as recording evidence against someone. Choose to record or ignore. This is called automatic call recorder pro. The best way to use this is by going for the free version once for the quality testing post which you can switch to the more sophisticated paid version. It works in a way that it is synced with the Google drive of your phone. Do check for free space on your phone when you are recording an important call.

There are multiple purposes which your phone can serve, and these apps prove just that. These have meaning and purpose. These apps take care of your safety, your image in a high-profile meeting, in legal battles wherein you will need to hold someone down to their word, driving safe during a stormy night, and last of all when you wish to just connect your phone and computer to transfer all important data from one device to another. So, do not wait; download these worthy applications and make the best of your android phone.

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