5 voice apps for Android

You might know about the strength of Android already. Do you what are its plus points? Not? Well, I am not here to tell you about them, but one thing that I can tell you is that the best point in Android is that it's open source. Being so, there is huge developer base which works hard to develop apps for Android. This is the reason why all categories listed in Google Play, have got many apps in them. Yeah, there are many voice apps as well. With voice apps for Android, you can control its features with your voice command. Doing so is damn cool, and you will have nice taste of your Android device doing that. So, interested in knowing about the best voice apps for Android? Here is their list.


This app has been downloaded by most of  Android users which clearly speaks about the worth of this app. It comes with intuitive user interface, and lets you do almost every task on your Android device, with your voice command. You can start or stop any app, can set alarm, can make call, can do browsing and lots of others things with your voice command, when you use this app on your Android device.


The next one in this list of best voice apps for Android is the Iris. Like the above one, this app is quite simple to use. You can do the Google Search, can open the weather report, can make calls, send SMS, can set alarms etc., by using this app. In many tech forums, the tech analysts have tagged this app as 'Siri alternative for Android'. which is more than enough to speak about the popularity and features of this app.


This app is favorite of many Android users. I recommend this app to all those out of you who have just bought the Android device and are newbie. With this app, many tasks can be done with ease. It has been developed in the way that it would not affect the performance of your Android device in any way.



Robin is the next app in this list best voice apps for Android. Want to make call to any of your contacts? Just speak to your device, let Robin work for you. Apart from this basic feature, this app comes with many advanced features as well. You can check weather report, can send SMS, can search for ATMs and Restaurants nearby, can set alarm etc. All these features contribute to make 'Robin' a wonderful and popular app.


This app claims to be Siri alternative for Android. High-end features and quality of this app make it stand in this list of best voice apps for Android. This app is simple to use, plus comes with features that you will love using, and will admire for sure. Best part is that this app is available for free from Google Play.

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