5+1 Reasons Why PC Gaming Is Better Than Consoles?

Every 2nd hardcore gamer says PC gaming is much better than gaming on consoles. But why? Why gaming on PC is fun than gaming on Consoles? Well, today in this article we'd be pointing out the best reasons for this topic. Before jumping into the topic, Let me tell inform you this. If you're a console gaming lover, then you can avoid reading this article, or I can say, this article is not for you, But we can't deny the fact. So without wasting any time further, let's dive into the topic.


5+1 Reasons Why PC Gaming Is Better Than Consoles?

  • Control Over The Hardware: PC gamers have the option to remove or upgrade any component of their hardware. But the case with the console is different, Yeah! You can't even open the console to make any changes, if you do so then probably you'll end up damaging your console. PC components are very easy to remove or replace with a new one, Consoles are not upgradeable. Console players have to stick with the parts when they were released. Pc is ahead of consoles regarding graphics because the processing power of PC is way more stronger than consoles.
  • PC Is Cheaper Than Console: This is the main reason which was roaming in my mind when I started writing this article. PC components are cheaper than consoles, making it beset value for money. For all the people who are looking for saving bucks on gaming must adopt PC. I'm sure you will save hell lot of money on PC than console. You can also avail additional discounts or offers when you buy a particular component online. You can't buy parts for consoles.
  • Playing With Buddies: There's no doubt that the number of PC gamers is more than console gamers. Let's say your friend does gaming on PC, and you want to join him in multiplayer mode. Then you have to get a PC for making it possible.
  • Functionality: When it comes to gaming on PC, you can carry out multiple works on a gaming PC. So the point here is, Consoles are only designed to play games, But a Gaming PC can serve various purposes. So basically, the functionality of console is nothing when compared to PC.
  • Cheap Games: If you're someone who doesn't want to spend much money on buying new games, then you must become a PC gamer. Because PC games are way more cheaper than console games. Platforms like Steam, Origin provides additional discounts and offer on certain occasions or game releases. Now console will say that they will get free games every month, but it is only possible when you have active subscriptions which are so pointless even to mean on this topic.


Overall, gaming on Pc is fun and better than console gaming. So that's it for now. Hope you enjoyed the article. Don't forget to share this article with your gaming buddies.

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