7 Of The Best Launchers For Android

The world of Android is constantly evolving with tons of new features and apps being constantly introduced into it. One of the main reasons why Android has become a much-preferred operating system is the ease with which it allows customization of the device to exactly how we want it to look and act. With the help of Android launcher apps, it is possible to change the appearance of the home screen as well as the way in which we organize the apps and interact with them.

7 of the Best Launchers for Android


Android launchers have come a long way and these days, you can find an exceptionally wide range of options available to customize your Android device. It is even possible to download many of these mobile apps for PC and run them on your computer. Android launcher apps can give your device a total makeover, whether you are looking for a simple customization or a more advanced one on your smartphone.

Let’s have a look at 7 of the best Android launchers available on the market nowadays:

• Nova Launcher

One of the best customization apps, the Nova launcher has been around for quite some time now.It comes with a long list of customization features, including gesture support, customization of look and feel of the home screen by changing colours, icons layouts, icons, and much more. The many customization options and good performance of the app make it one of the best Android launchers.

Another great thing about the Nova launcher app is it is updated at a very fast pace so that you get to enjoy the new features consistently. The app also supports backup of screen layouts which means you can easily restore them when you change your phone.

• ZenUI Launcher

Another great android launcher in the market is the ZenUI launcher, developed by ASUS for their range of smartphones. You don’t have to buy an ASUS phone to enjoy the features of this app because it supports all Android devices that run Android 4.3 or higher versions.

The ZenUI launcher is a free app that comes with an inbuilt lock feature. With this app, you can customize the home screen, apply your favorite widgets, themes, and wallpapers, customize font size and icon size, and even hide any app.

• Evie Launcher

Looking for a simple and easy launcher? Then Evie launcher is the one for you. A fast and lightweight app, the Evie launcher is easy to set up and gives you a near stock android experience.The app drawer can be opened with a swipe up gesture. There’s a universal search option that lets you find an app by typing its name.

The Evie launcher comes with a plenty of other useful features such as no-dock mode, widget customization, changing grid size, live wallpaper support, adding colourful themes, and many more. The app also allows you to backup and restore the home screen.

• Go Launcher

A smart and trendy app, Go launcher supports a large array of features that will help transform your smartphone just the way you wanted it. The app offers numerous themes, widgets, wallpapers, options to change grid size, dock settings, icons, and fonts, as well as features including app lock, animated screen, and backup/restore options.The Go Launcher has a simple and user-friendly user interface that supports easy navigation just by swiping the screen.

• Solo Launcher

If you prefer to have a material design, then go for the Solo launcher app. The launcher offers you a broad range of customization features such as the options to change colours, effects, layout, effects, the app drawer, and more. The other features include app locker, battery saver, and a speed booster that will help improve the speed of your device.

With the Solo launcher app, you can change the themes, wallpapers, fonts, and icons. There are various gestures too that allow you to easily navigate the user interface.

• Apex Launcher

The Apex launcher gives you a near stock android experience but at the same time allows you to customize your device according to your requirements. The launcher lets you hide apps from thedrawer and sort apps automatically based on how often they are used, making it easy for you to find them.

This highly customizable app supports various gestures, transition effects and offers tons of other customization features. It comes in two versions- free and paid. While most users are happy with the free version, the paid version allows you to enjoy extra features.

• Buzz Launcher

The Buzz launcher offers several customization and personalization options, making it one of the best Android launchers there is. This app lets you create your own customized widget, add animation effects, and customize gestures.

Over 800,000 themes are available from which you can select your favourite theme and give an amazing look to your smartphone. Along with the option to backup and restore your favourite settings, the launcher also has various gestures for countless functionalities. Bored with the current appearance of your Android home screen? Try one of the launchers mentioned here and see how it can elevate the look and experience of your Android device!

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