A Closer Look at the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G

In case you haven't noticed, the once-extinct phone design that was a fixture back in the '90s is making a resurgence.

Flip phones are re-entering mainstream consciousness, and at the forefront is Samsung, with its growing range of foldable smartphones. The tech giant had previously released the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, much to the delight of users across the globe. It was well received upon its release, with reviews stating how much it's surprisingly well-built given the unconventional (at least for today's standards) structure.

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Only months after the release, word on the street is Samsung is releasing a follow-up model in the form of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G, which as you can tell from the name, is a 5G-enabled version of its predecessor. And if you're curious as to what to expect with this latest update, here are some of the features that it's anticipated to have:

5G support

This is pretty much a no-brainer, but given the name of the device, its flagship feature is its 5G capability. While 5G phones have a long way to go before they reach widespread adoption, they're expected to make downloads faster and cloud services respond quicker. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G's ability to easily find a signal has yet to be seen.


Another main selling point of the phone is its waterproofing, and it's even more impressive given its flip feature. It's the flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs) – a flat, rigid material that supports and connects electronic components — that make this possible. In particular, it's how customisable the different aspects of the board are today thanks to continually improving PCB design software that make advanced features easier to add. These days, designers can customise and specify everything on the software, from the PCB board thickness, materials, dielectric constant, and much more. The design software calculates specifications based on the designer's vision – and it does this in a realistic way, automatically setting rules depending on the features. In Galaxy Z 5G's case, the PCBs are designed to be especially thin and flexible, before they are coated with a waterproofing substance during production.

Mystic bronze colour

Folks who have a penchant for novel colours will be delighted to find out that the phone will come in what is described as a "mystic bronze colour", a slight departure from the previous purple hue. It's still unclear whether the device will have a variety of colour options available upon release, but this new variation may be enough to get people clamouring to get their hands on one.

Virus, malware prevention tools

Given how tapping is prevalent these days, the phone is likely to have virus and malware prevention features like the previous Z version. Having these programmes come in handy as they run scans regularly to ensure that your device remains secure. If they do find something suspicious, they clean your phone automatically. You'll also be encouraged to manage files and change your passwords every now and then.

Dual CAM mechanism

It's no secret that Samsung manufactures an impressive roster of smart cameras. With the ridge-shaped dual CAM mechanism, the folding experience makes the phone photography experience seamless. It lets the device open, close, and stand on its own, resulting in a unique variety of angles. Additionally, this mechanism keeps the Hideaway Hinge slim and the phone itself compact enough to fit in your pocket.

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