A Look At Roku Media Streaming Players

With the rise of Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming sites, our interests in TV and movies have been broadened, and things are easier to find now. In a world where everything is on-demand, these streaming hosts have been an amazing way to open up doors for this generation, and nearly everyone has had an account somewhere for at least a little while.

Most devices that can connect to wifi have the ability to download one or more of the popular streaming apps like Netflix. From gaming consoles to tablets and computers, even to DVD players and smart TVs, you can find these applications everywhere. However, there is an alternative.

Some brands, including Apple and Google, have been making media streaming players dedicated just to these applications and will include ones that most haven't heard of in the supported accounts. One of the major players in this industry is Roku, and they've released several models with different feature sets and amazing prices. Roku is the affordable way to stream your media through a specific player.

The Roku 3

A popular choice in streaming players like these produced by Roku is the Roku 3, which includes games, over 2,000 channels to stream, and a voice searching function. All of the basic features of a media streaming player are found on this model, and it's been a favorite with customers. The best price on Roku 3 that could found was on Amazon at $59, but eBay and second-hand stores will carry it for less.

The Roku 4

A step-up from the Roku 3, this model offers 4k definition, which you'll need a compatible TV for. It's a great choice if you're dying to try out the new specs on a fancy TV, but since streaming sites don't offer many 4K options just yet, you may be paying extra for something that isn't worth it just yet. Of course, there are other great features on this model, with voice search and a headphone jack on the remote for easy browsing.

The Roku Ultra

Another 4k option by Roku is the Ultra model, which features very fast speeds, excellent high definition, and tons of other features useful in a player of this caliber. It's a little more on the pricey side, but you're getting plenty for that money. You can even take the experience to your mobile phone, and Roku has designed a great app with streaming capabilities from your favorite providers.

The Roku Streaming Stick

Little sticks that plug into your TV's HDMI ports are a popular way to get involved with the media streaming player scene. They're small, easily hidden, and pack a powerful punch for their mini size. Roku has released their own version of a streaming stick that includes a small remote, and tons of channels including Pandora and other music streaming applications to choose from.

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