A Look at the Pros of Redesigning Your Website

If your website looks old, dull, and dated, this may be one obvious reason why you need to have it revamped and redesigned. But there are other important reasons why we make the decision to have our websites redesigned – it can be because the website doesn’t reflect the direction of your business any longer, or it just doesn’t work properly with mobile gadgets and devices. If you are thinking of having your website redesigned but haven’t yet made up your mind as to its benefits, have a look at the pros of redesigning your website. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Why have it redesigned?

As mentioned, there are some obvious reasons why websites are redesigned, such as the website being old and dull or outdated or not being a good reflection of the business. Websites can also be redesigned in order to be mobile friendly, and websites can be redesigned in order to have increased leads or sales. Another reason why websites are often redesigned is when the website is not easy to navigate and when the website takes too much time to load. If your website fits any one of these descriptions, then you should seriously consider a redesign.

You can even gather concrete evidence that your website needs to be redesigned if you still aren’t convinced. Go to Google Analytics and check your website’s data. If you see that your website has a low number of repeat visitors or has a high bounce rate combined with a low user time on the site, then this could be a sign that your website needs help. You can also have an expert in website design, such as the specialists in website design in Oxford from Xist2, check and assess your website so they can give recommendations to make it better.

The pros of a redesign

When you have your website redesigned, it will have a fresh and clean look, which can give a clear impression that your company and brand is growing and ever-evolving. Another pro of a redesign would be the fact that your website will become more attractive, and it will also be easier to use on various mobile gadgets such as tablets and smartphones.

With a redesign, your website can also become a lot more functional – you can integrate it more easily with social media, you can update or include an informative and entertaining blog, you can have your own e-commerce platform, and you can update your ‘contact us’ options. Additionally, you can have users which are a lot happier, since they can easily find the information they need, and your website will be easier to find on search engines. So what are you waiting for? A redesign might be just what your website needs – it’s time to reap the benefits today.

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