Adobe Creative Suite 6-Download, Price

The software Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection offers unparalleled performance with native 64-bit very quickly and GPU acceleration. It includes innovative tools that provide creative design innovative ways for recent devices. With exceptional power and precision, you can create inspiring experiences that reach anywhere.

See the top new features in CS6 Master Collection

With innovative and novel tools Creative Suite 6, has inspiring experiences which can deliver almost anywhere. Master Collection offers native 64-bit, GPU-accelerated to provide components essential unprecedented power.

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Design without limits

Tackle any creative challenge that stands in his way. Use the set of tools most innovative professionals to explore new ways to graphic design amazing experiences for print, video and the Web.

Work at the speed of your imagination

Work fluidly on your project more complex with the tools recently optimized to increase the speed and performance. Remodeled features allow you to create a much smaller number of steps for maximum effectiveness.

Send virtually anywhere

Reach more people in more places designed with the latest web standards, video and devices mobile. Create stunning responsive experiences that cater to virtually all screen sizes and form factors.

1. In the Windows version CS6 each program is distributed in two ways: a. EXE file and a 7-Zip (.7 z):

  • The EXE file will only work once it is something like a download manager or assistant that - pun intended - download the files necessary for installation.
  • On the other hand the .7 z file is fully and directly download all the installation files in compressed format and usable many times wish.

2. The supported languages vary by product. Mainly packets are distinguished by LS (LS16, LS3, LS4, LS7, etc) whose explanation can be read later in this article.

About the Language in the dumps (LS Target language):

Before starting the download, carefully review the following indication LS to know what language you choose:

  • LS3: ko-KR / zh-CN / zh-TW

  • LS4: da-DK / de-DE / es-ES / es-MX / fi-FI / fr-FR / fr-CA / it-IT / nb-NO / nl-NL / pt-BR / sv-SE

  • LS16: en-US / en-UK / en-GB / ja-JP

In a brief explanation, the LS4 is the download that contains the language Spanish (es-ES and es-MX), while the LS16 contains the language English (en-US and en-GB).

This is especially important, if you do not follow this you can get the message "Access Denied".

To download from the links that show later, by obligation must have a free account on the Adobe website and log in to it. This is extremely important because failure to do so will be denied access to download and get the message "Access Denied", similar to the following:

Access Denied - You do not have permission to access

"" on this server.

Reference # 18.1e1b434d.1336522896.19e859ae

You must be logged into our account because only then Adobe creative suite 6 will establish a session cookie in your browser, allowing us to access the direct download links. Please, complete the following instructions to detail so you can make the download, otherwise you will have problems:

  1. Simply click on the following link to the Adobe creative suite 6  website to log into your account or you can register for free (takes a minute):
  2. If you already have an account yet, remember that your Adobe ID is your e-mail address with which you registered, and then sign in with it (check the box of "reminding me”).
  3. You may have logged in, follow unable to download the links, to fix you simulate download an application either Adobe creative suite 6 from your own site. For example you can go to the following link to simulate download Photoshop CS6 (Starts to download and cancel it)

You are now logged into the Adobe creative suite 6 website to download cookies set, so that now you can instantly download any program available. Anyway, problem solved ... so without further delay. Therefore download all official products of the new Adobe CS6 family.

Adobe creative suite 6 Price: $4000

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