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Now a days there is a treat for those who like graphic design but cannot afford a new computer and Adobe Creative Suite for Mac, nor the price of a commercial license a suite of design consecrated as Creative Suite. Since Adobe has decided to launch Creative Suite 2 free to download through their website. Although it is an older version, is a detail to recognize by the company based in San Jose (California), characterized by high prices in your software licenses.

Adobe Creative Suite for Mac

Adobe Creative Suite 2 is a collection of graphic design software consisting of Adobe Illustrator CS2, Adobe InDesign CS2, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe ImageReady CS2 and Adobe Version Cue CS2. A battery of programs that, while they are versions dating from 2005, and not supported by the American company, may serve more than one for graphic design tasks, especially in hardware that has several years of old. Currently, the suite is in Adobe CS6 version, which was released to the public in May 2012.

The Creative Suite 2 is free to download from the official link of Adobe, where the only requirement to download the software is to have a free Adobe account. In this link we can find the serial number of the suite, needed to use it.

After downloading the software, if you run the installer, you can choose which components you want to install on your Windows or Mac OS. The installation of all components including occupy 2.62 GB of space on your hard drive:

Install Adobe CS2 free

It is not known if this promotion of Adobe Creative Suite 2 free download will be available permanently or only temporarily, so if you are interested in having this set of graphic design programs totally free and reliable, we encourage you to download it from we have indicated the link above.

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