Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Open Social Networks in the Enterprise

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Always there is a thought that social networks were a loss for employee productivity. Of course this happens on the premise that the social network is used for personal, non-professionals. However, a recent study by Forbes seems to contradict these data since the ten largest companies have open social networks. So we want to show you some of the advantages and disadvantages of having open social networks in the enterprise.

Employees using social networks projected a good image of your company, were more social and interact with people from other areas did, even unwittingly, active promotion of their work in the company. At this point, I think we should keep in mind that social networks are just a reflection of the environment we live in companies.

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Business profits or troubled companies

If our business is going well, we have good atmosphere in the office, so that our comments on social media about the work going to be mostly positive. In a negative situation, say an ERE, I would see all the comments that we heard in the halls reflected in social networks.

On the other hand, we are talking about companies in the United States, where the use of social networks is different we do in Asian countries. On occasion I have seen that these countries are making greater use of social media, so if you use them at work if you can be a source of diversion or misuse of the same. This is the main disadvantage.

Another disadvantage, which is not unique to social networks, is the leakage of information by this means. Especially if we have implemented in our company a clear policy on the use of documents, files, etc. An error when trying to share a document and poor privacy in social networks can be a fatal combination.

Social networks if, but only a little

As we can all agree and leave open social networks for a while or at certain times, for example, early in the morning, before 9 or lunch, so they can be freely used in these bands do not will damage the productivity.

In return we have employees who are going to follow our companies have completed in your profile where they work, or they can spread their messages and promotions, etc. In this way we do gain visibility, promotion beyond that in these media make our organization.

Finally, a benefit that can have social networking in the enterprise is the reinforcement of belonging to an organization. Especially for companies that have dispersed their employees do not have a physical office, etc. Communicate in this way with others strengthens the emotional bond that commits us to the company.


As you have seen everything is not black or white. Social networks can be very positive for our business or otherwise can be a real problem for the productivity of our employees. We cannot extrapolate the results of large companies to SMEs, but if we can take example of some questions to see if they work.

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