Against PC frustration: New Windows installation free

Got a new PC, a notebook or even a cool Ultrabook? But the joy does not last long, because Windows 7 is littered with tons preinstalled trial software. With CHIP Online you get free on a fresh Windows 7

PC and notebook manufacturers also pack on Windows 7 devices plenty trial software. These are the anti-virus protection for three months, the Office Trial, the slimmed-burning program. Instead of a fast Windows 7 give you a better system with lots of leaping bids. But you do not have to put up with installing Windows 7.

There are two ways in which a trial littered with PC software again afloat.

Alternative 1: mucking out consistently. How does it, shows this workshop. It is better in this case.

Alternative 2: Reinstall After all, there are no important data on the new PC or notebook and also the settings you have not yet adjusted. The problem with the new installation, many manufacturers put in only a recovery disk, which produces exactly back to its original state, including trial software. Often there is only a recovery partition, which is even more space on your primary hard drive. The best way to install Windows 7 is from a clean system.

Install Windows 7

The Windows 7 installation is not more difficult. You must boot from the DVD and be guided by the wizard. The first key point is to choose "Custom Installation". Just so you can iron Windows from scratch on the disk. Even the selection of the edition is important.

If you use the ISO images, then each download infected only edition you should decide in advance for the correct download. Whether you need 32 or 64 bit, Windows will show itself. Tap it in the start menu "System" and select the same search results. "System type", you can read easily, whether it is a 32 -.

Concerns or 64-bit system who borrows an original DVD from a friend, however, must choose at the beginning of the setup routine the right edition of Windows 7. Only with the right key, you can activate the purchased edition of Windows 7. Another important point is the hard disk partitioning.

You may wish to install Windows 7 on the entire drive, or specify a smaller partition for the operating system. Less than 20 GB, but you should use for the system partition, otherwise it will be Windows 7 quickly too narrow.

ISO image of Windows 7

Windows 7 you have legally purchased and a valid key, but you do not have the original installation disc. No problem: you can, for example, borrow from a buddy an original DVD and install with your key. It is only important that you install the correct edition. If you have purchased Windows 7 Home Premium, you can install with your key and only this version. As an alternative to Windows 7 DVD of buddies there ISO images of Windows 7 download, which you can activate with your key.

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