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New Android devices are getting launched every passing day. A report from the research companies show that this OS by Google is the best in the world. The popularity is expected to increase even more, as more and more people are getting attracted by the amazing features of Android. If you are one out of them, then you will be pleased to know that your Android device is gadget to have unlimited fun. Thanks to apps and games that make Android entertaining gadget. As an entertainment lover, you might have been searching for Android applications free download for a long, right? Looking for good article about the same? Then do read ahead.

Facebook for Android

Android Applications Free Download

Admit it! We all have account on the world’s most popular social networking site Facebook. If you want to access your FB account on the go to stay connected with your loving beings, then the best way to do is by using Facebook for Android app. This one is official and brings the desktop type Facebook experience on the Android. Since most of you are highly likely to be addicted to Facebook, therefore this site is on the top in this list about Android applications free download.

WordPress for Android

If you are a blogger, then WordPress is something that you are already familiar with. This most popular CMS is used by many, and you might be among them. If you actually are, then you should download WordPress for Android right away. With this app on your Android device, you can do the blogging on the move. Alas! Not all tasks involved in blogging, but the basic ones only.


Who does not love music? I guess there is not any such person. Enjoying music on Android device is hell lot of fun, but you can have it more if you play music via Winamp. This highly popular music player is used by millions of Android users so far. You might have used it on your PC, have you? There are many incredible features in this music player that make it better than Android’s own music player, or than any other music player.

BBC News

Going around fun all the time on Android is not a good idea. You should use it for productive, for knowledge purposes as well. If you want to stay connected with the latest happenings in the outside world, then you should download BBC News app meant for Android device. With this app, you can stay connected with the news coming in every category. This app is recommended for those who like to keep themselves updated with the world affairs. I guess, you are one of such persons, are you? Since there are many such people, therefore this app is among the best Android applications free download.

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