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Do you have any idea why the mobile operating system by Google is the best in this world, and there is not any other OS near to its popularity level? Whether or not you know it already, allow me to tell that Android is best because of the availability of huge no. of apps related to different categories. If you want to have fun on your Android device, then download new apps is the best way. Of course, this is you who are needed to decide about which Android apps free download apk should be performed. This task can be bit easier if you do a search on giant Google. If you don’t want to do that because of one reason or other, then this article is meant for you. This article is about Android apps free download apk.


Do you do a lot of typing work on your Android device? Are you fed up from doing that? If this is the case, then Swype is the app that you need to download on your esteemed Android device right away. There are many apps meant to deliver a cool keyboard, and hence a cool typing experience, but nothing beats the Swype. This app is recommended for those who think that typing on Android is a big hassle. I am sure that after installing this app, their views will get changed.


Whether you are a house person, a businessman or a student, you must be dealing with many notes on regular basis, right? Doing that is big hassle, right? Well, I understand the pain involved in it as I also need to keep many documents safe. I do this work easily by using Evernote on my Android device. This is the best app of all time for docs management. The huge user base of this app is more than enough to speak about popularity and usefulness of this app. Not only text notes, but voice memos are also what you can save in this app. The stored documents and voice memos can be accessed easily by connecting your Android device with PC. Because of usefulness of this app, I have listed it here on no.2 in this list about Android apps free download apk.


Last name in this list about Android apps free download apk, is Flickr. All of us like to play with pics and have some fun. If you want to have that fun on your Android device, then you should download the Flickr right away. With this app on your Android, you can explore the database of Flickr and can have fun while looking at the pics uploaded by other users. You can upload your photos too. The new pics can be taken within this app itself.

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