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The South Korean firm Samsung has crossed all bars of popularity with its Galaxy series. There are many incredible smartphones that come in this series. If you own Samsung Galaxy, and are looking to enhance your experience with it, then you are probably on the right page. This page will tell you the names for best Android games free download for Samsung Galaxy. As  you know, a particular Android device can’t run all apps and games available in Google Play. So is the case with Samsung Galaxy. But don’t panic! This post is specially meant for Samsung Galaxy only. Do check out the list of Android games free download for Samsung Galaxy.

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Angry Birds Star Wars

Android Games Free Download for Samsung Galaxy

All games of Angry Birds series have been phenomenal. The one that I like the most out of all Angry Birds games is the Angry Birds Star Wars. I am quite sure that it is favorite Angry Birds of many out of you, is it so? The concept is incredible and so are the graphics. The Star Wars is about deadly war between Angry Birds and Pigs. Of course, you play as former, with the intention to defeat the latter badly.

Draw Something

Draw Something

Since many people like to play puzzle games, therefore this game is on the second spot in this list of Android games free download for Samsung Galaxy. This game has got all that you want to see in any puzzle game. You draw any figure randomly and ask your friends to guess the name. Their wrong guess is what creates the fun, while the right guess result in scores in their scorecard.

Cut the Rope

To all Android gaming freaks out of you, I don’t think this game requires any introduction, does it? Cut the Rope game is one of the best puzzle games available for Android devices. You can have hell lot of fun by solving the puzzle and hence winning this fabulous game. The ropes create puzzle in this game. Just cut them so as to solve the puzzle. May seem simple, but it’s not so.

Bejeweled 2

The next in this list of Android games free download for Samsung Galaxy is Bejeweled 2. Interestingly, this one is also a puzzle game. It’s available for all Android devices, as it’s not any heavy game, so the requirements are less. Believe me, this game is hell lot of fun. The puzzle solving tactics should be of high level, as the low level, the kids like moves don’t work here.

Fruit Ninja

Android games free download for Samsung Galaxy has its last game as Fruit Ninja. Like the other games listed in this article about Android games free download for Samsung Galaxy, Fruit Ninja is also a super impressive and addictive game. Cutting the fruits on an Android device is an interesting thing to do.

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