Applying Filters to Photos with Movavi Photo Editor

Filters can transform even the most normal-looking photos into stylized and artistic images – which is why people often use them to give their photos a new appearance. While many editors have some way or other to apply filters, few make it as easy as Movavi Photo Editor, and most don’t have such a diverse selection either.

If you want to add filter to photos in Movavi Photo Editor – the first step is to load the photo itself. Once you launch the software you can click on the ‘Browse for Images’ button to select it, or drag and drop it into the main working area.

To see the filters and effects that are available, click on the ‘Effects’ tab at the top part of the interface, then browse through the options in the sidebar on the right. All of the filters in Movavi Photo Editor are neatly categorized, so you should be able to browse various categories such as ‘Classic’ or ‘Artistic’ to find the type of filters that you’re looking for.

Assuming you find a filter that looks interesting, just click on it to see what your photo will look like after it is applied. The intensity for many filters can be adjusted, and if that’s the case a slider will appear below the filter’s icon so you can adjust and see how it looks like at different intensities. In any case when you’re satisfied you can click ‘Apply’ and Movavi Photo Editor will finalize the changes you’ve made.

It is worth noting that there are several other options that may be useful in some cases. By clicking on the ‘Surprise Me’ button, Movavi Photo Editor will select a random filter to apply to your photo. On the other hand if you want to compare your current version of the photo with its original, you can click on the ‘View Original’ instead, and if you aren’t happy can click ‘Revert Changes’ to go back to it.

Before you are done editing your photo, you may also want to use Movavi Photo Editor to improve the quality of your photo, remove unwanted objects, touch up portraits, add captions, or perform other alterations. Rest assured each of these features is equally easy to use, so you should have no problem applying them to your photo then saving it once you’re completely satisfied with how it has turned out.

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