Apps Like Clean Master For Android Are Useful?


There are thousands of apps in Google play store which make promises of speeding up your Android device and make it lag free. I’ve seen many people using such apps to boost up their Android device, and often I’ve got recommendations to download apps like Clean Master, Battery saver, and ram killer apps. Let me ask you one thing, how long you will trust such apps? And they really powerful enough to boost and optimize the performance of an Android device? Well, my answer is NO! These kind of apps are total crap and shouldn’t be encouraged to download. But Why? Why are these apps useless? Here is the answer to this question.


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Why Cleaning And Battery Saving Apps Are Useless?

First of all, let’s talk about cleaning apps. These apps were useful and downloading them is beneficial but not anymore. Now the technology has progressed so far that these apps are now pretty much outdated to say. What these apps will do is just kill the apps which are running in the background and free up space. And sometimes eliminating background apps will cool down the temperature of the CPU.

Now Android versions like Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat has its own native handler which will distribute the RAM to apps. And ensures that the RAM is being used in the most optimal and efficient way. Android not only handles RAM but also makes sure that apps don’t use unnecessary system resources.

Memory boosters, performance enhancing, app killer apps which claim to boost your android’s performance are useless and does quite the opposite of it. In fact, keeping them will cause performance lag and will slow up the device. What happens is, these apps will eliminate or kill the apps which use system’s resources for better experience and processing. Then the operating system will again restart those in order to give a better performance, memory boosting apps will again kill them. This process goes on and on until you uninstall those so-called memory boosting apps. In the end, these apps will cause heavy load on the CPU and increases battery usage drastically.

Even the battery saving apps do the same thing. They just kill the essential background apps to save the battery, but the OS will restart those apps again. The thing is, those important apps doesn’t consume or eat up additional ram or battery. They should be left to run in the background for better performance. Sometimes you might feel the heat when you overload the number of working apps in the background or play high-end games. In such cases, the OS will automatically eliminate certain apps to cool down the temperature of the CPU.


I recommend you to uninstall those apps immediately which claim to boost your device’s performance. Android has progressed so far that it can handle everything on its own. So don’t worry about your device’s ram or battery.

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