Asus Laptops India

Asus Laptops India

1: Asus S550CM-CJ054H Touch Ultrabook

This laptop is one of the best 5 Asus laptops in India, it costs  MRP 57,366. Just like its high price it offers high specs. This laptop can easily purchaced online but if you will buy it from retail stores in india than it will cost you less. There is one benefit of online purchasing that it can be customise. Now lets take a look in its specs:

As you can see the above specifications this ultrabook is made with latest technology elements to give you much entertainment as well as support you in your buisiness in this era. (Source of these specs is:

2. Asus R051CX-RED004S Netbook

Although this netbook is very cheap in price e.g MRP 15000-15800, but it is included in the list of top Asus Laptops India. This netbook has all the features which are essintial in student life, and because of its affordable price it is highest selling asus laptop in india by students. Now lets take a look at its specs.

The above specifications clearly shows that it is the best package of specs at low price.

3. Asus K55VM-SX086V 

The reason for this laptop to be in top 5 is its excellent high class specs in affordable price e.g MRP 56,999. Because of its beatifull design this laptop has beat Sony Vaio C series. Now lets take a look at its specs, remember it is also hardware/software customisable from retail and online stores.

With its powerfull Graphics and HDD, this laptop will work best for gamers and movie fans. This specs at low price make this laptop best in one of the 5 top Asus Laptops India.

4. Asus K55VD SX313R 

This laptop is much famous for ladies because of the colour choices avalaible in this series and its enough specs to support a home works. You can have one like it for casual home use or to gift someone special in just MRP 34-35,000. There is good news that this laptop is also little bit customisable from retail and online stores or you can cuy pre-customised versions. Now lets take a look at its specs.

This laptop is included in the list of Top 5 asus laptops because of its excellent performance, hard metallic structure for rough use with different colours ( for ladies) at affordable price.

5. Asus F202E-CT059H (VIVO BOOK)

It has unique design from other laptops, It mean it is basically windows tablet and can easily attach to keyboard for easy working. You can carry this small powerfull machine with you anywhere and can enjoy working on latest Windows 8 with beautifull user interface and smooth touch system. These all specs and reasonable price MRP 34,000-38,000 has made its way easy to stand in Top 5 Asus Laptops India. Its specs are:

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