Audio switcher and its features-Complete review

What is HDMI? People who are having an interest in technology might be able to answer .Well HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is an audio and video interface for transmitting data which comes into mainstream after introducing High definition. Rather than a DVI which needs two channels while transmitting data, an HDMI only needs one channel to transmit data from source to the destination. HDMI is now installed in most of the devices .But people who use an LCD as an output to their system with windows 7 can found it a little difficult to switch between HDMI A/V output or default.A person has to every time go to the control panel and has to select between HDMI and Default, which can be a little annoying if user switches the system every time.

Audio switcher is an application which can be installed in your systems and every time an HDMI audio device is connected to the system the user has to just simply choose a default and HDMI options which will be displayed over their desktops as a notification to the user. Audio switcher is also known as Audio Controller.

The best features of audio switchers are that they are easy to use and install are also available over the internet. These switchers provide access to the different sound cards installed to the device. This application even works with the default setting of the windows and every time a different device is plugged in the notification is shown over the desktop screen for the response. Sometimes these are also built-in along with the systems but these audio switchers have to be update along with their latest
versions over time to time. A user might find some trouble registering his hotkey in a windows vista version but to that he can download Quick Sound Switch Variant from the developer’s home page.

The product comes with a Quick Sound Switch which is a very unique feature, where a user can switch audio from one to various connected output devices. This unique feature can be used by several users as per the demand of the situation.

These days, audio switchers come in various customizations too. You get separate audio switchers for Mac OS, Linux or windows. These switchers make your work easier without loading your system with extra icons or slowing it down. You can simply download it and get going with switching between HDMI
and default without any hassle.

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