Augmenter Reality Is Going To Reshape The Future

Augmented reality is quickly changing the way in which we see the world. A great example of what it can do is offered by the Pokemon Go environment, which practically took the entire online world by storm. In a similar way, applications like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook offer filters that overlay animated images over user faces. This is all a part of a technology that is going to transform or reshape the future. Various industries are going to be affected, from small businesses like Fix It Right plumbers in Lilydale to corporate giants. Here are some ways in which augmented reality will change our future.

Real Estate

Every single homeowner out there dreams about living in a house that is perfectly designed, all while boasting our personal style. Augmented reality can make this dream come true. It utilizes highly interactive computer-generated images in order to allow buyers to actively envision a finished property even if it still being constructed. Such technology is highly beneficial in the industry so that 2D models can be used for interaction.

Real estate agents and builders find it really convenient that they can display properties with the use of augmented reality. Buyers can modify furniture, color and even room size in order to end up looking at what the complete design is going to look like.


More and more people every single day shop online instead of brick and mortar shopping. Uncertainty is what is now stopping the buyers from online purchases. Augmented reality is now being used in the entire shopping industry. This can make potential buyers more interested in shopping online. Customers are now capable of seeing products in a manner that is highly realistic and in a preferred environment.

At the same time, markets find it much easier to share catalogs with information that is truly up-to-date. Shopping experiences will be completely enhanced with the use of augmented reality glasses that are available at all supermarkets and retail stores. Such glasses offer displays with design, product specs and pricing. We can say that AR can easily change how we shop.


Augmented reality can easily revolutionize the entire travel industry. Applications that are AR based installed on a smartphone can help travelers and tourists to find the local tourist attractions and even check them, all while translating signs and boards in an instant way, all in native language.

AR can help tourists to explore and visit theme parks, local attractions and zoos so that the trip can become extraordinary. Such technology can be used in order to display landmark 3D models and actually show the tourist if he/she will appreciate the considered attraction before actually visiting. At the same time, AR can add the educational element, offering details about the sites that are being visited.


Last but not least, AR can definitely be a game changer in the way in which children learn. This is technology that can offer immersive content, allowing students to better understand concepts. Engaging 3D models, as an example, can help the student to better grasp highly complex information in a much shorter time frame.

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