AVG Antivirus Free 2013

"AVG Anti-Virus Free 2013" is a good free antivirus with useful functions. With "AVG Anti-Virus", your entire computer will be scanned for any viruses/spyware, or just individual files, folders or archives. Floppy disks, CDs, DVDs or other portable media can be scanned with functional removable media test. "AVG Anti-Virus" created on request a rescue CD, to the most important system files are written together with the AVG SOS program. In an emergency, you can start the virus infected computer Sun.


This free version is for personal use fully functional with the following restrictions:

  • No definable own tests
  • No protection against phishing, key logger and hacker attacks
  • No support
  • May only be used on single-user computers

Faster scans, less hungry for system resources, the AVG promises for the new 2013 version of the virus scanner. In addition, the user interface was renewed around and reminds you of the Metro design of Windows 8 Completely new in the free version are the "AVG File Reputation". The tool checks in addition to the heuristic and behavioral detection using cloud information, as strong an executable file is distributed. This is a more precise safety assessment allows. To use the feature, but you must also allow the analysis of local data and expressly agree to the privacy policy.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2013 includes improvements and new features to make it more streamlined and efficient, while improving the user experience. The thing that stands out most about the compatibility with Windows 8, understood not only in terms of operation, but as full integration with the Metro interface. This involved the redesign of the layout of the user interface for optimal use with the latest generation of multi-touch screens and made the most immediate consequence of the interaction with menus and options.

The user interface was designed with input from a broad group of users to allow them to provide tips and tricks to achieve maximum ease of use as regards the automatic or manual configuration of key parameters. It is thus possible to meet the needs of users who do not want to lose time during installation and setup and the most cunning you want to change certain options personally. The involvement of the international community of users can also take place with the accession to the service of improving the application in the cloud, which allows you to send anonymous data to the center of development AVG. This initiative will help to improve the ability of recognition of malware not yet cataloged with the help of advanced techniques such as heuristics.

Conclusion: "AVG Anti-Virus Free" done its protection job safely and reliably. The user interface is equal to alternative antivirus. A User's Guide to AVG Free Anti-Virus can be downloaded free from online.

Note: The offered setup file loads after all the necessary files from the Internet. AVG does during installation with a toolbar and change your browser's default search. We recommend both deselect.

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