Best Action Games for Android

The arcade games and action games are a very popular category, possibly those with the greatest number of games available, which is why today I present the top 5 of the best arcade and best action games for android which need not have a fixed course or final purpose as such, only about playing, meet targets and keep moving through the levels.

So get ready because here are the best arcade and action games for android.

1. Super Mario Bros Android

Super Mario Bros for Android, is just the very classic game of the 80s? s, now available as best action games for android and tablets, among the positive things that we highlight in this fabulous title, we find a completely identical to the original, so do you remember old times if I ever played, another plus for Android Super Mario Bros is the rapid response of the touch controls with which you will take control of Mario for every scenario, but mostly we emphasize that Super Mario Bros has all levels and secretes available, to again go through each adventure.

2. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is one of the android games more attractive in the category platform games where your objective is to go surfing on the subway, because you'll have an great surfboard, with which must go around obstacles, performing jumps and collecting coins , as these will serve to improve your character, buy new characters or objects.

3. Angry Birds Space Mars

Angry Birds Space on Mars for android, includes twenty new levels, where the main color is red scenarios, not for nothing will play on the red planet, so if you already got over each of the levels of Angry Birds Space, Now you can download this fabulous update if you already have it installed from there you can update, if not, you just have to download Angry Birds Space and ready, one of the free android games and more addictive.

4. The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man is one of the games for android superhero films based on where your main objective is to kill all enemies along the vast city, where you will be appear

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