Best Android adventure games

If you have got Android with you and are looking for good games for it, then I would recommend you to download the adventure games straightaway. There are many incredible adventure games available in the Google Play. The huge collection contains both the free and paid apps. Downloading all games would be nothing bu wasting time only. There is no meaning of doing that. Better if you download the best Android adventure games only. If you want the list of best such games, then just keep reading this article ahead.

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut

Best Android adventure games

If you are from those who are looking for best fun, and don’t care about the price tag, then you must download this superb adventure game right away on your Android device. This game has been downloaded by thousands of Android users in a very short time. The best thing that I liked in this game is the story. The game follows a nice drama which will surely take you to a new world. If we take the reviews of experts anything to go with, then there is nothing better than this game that deserves to be at the first spot in this list about best Android adventure games.

The Silent Age

The main part of the adventure games is their story. The best thing about this game is its story. If you are looking for a game that is good combination of graphics and sound effects, plus impressive story line, then consider downloading this game. Believe me, you’ll get addicted to this game from the first play itself. If your age is from 18 to 30, then this game is must for you.

Contract Killer

Many movies getting released nowadays are based on the concept of murders and all. Maybe this is what current audience wants to see. The same gets cleared from the fact that this particular game, which is based on same concept, has been downloaded by millions of users worldwide. In this game, you are hired to kill a particular person, and for this task, you are paid also. So, you are a contract killer in this game whose task is to kill people in the exchange of money. I guess doing so is very bad. But, don’t be guilty, after all, you are going to do this in game only. Nothing real, nothing personal, so don’t take it on heart.

AVP: Evolution

The last one in this list about best Android adventure games is the AVP: Evolution. This game has got incredible graphics, which is something the first demand of every gaming freak, right? In fact, all things that a gaming freak demands from a game, are there in this game. This is the reason why this game has received many downloads and good feedback from all of its users.

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