Top 5 Free Best Antivirus for Android

Antivirus is a software developed by brilliant engineering minds to prevent your device from any harm caused by several virus attacks. In the recent trend if we look at the market then it’s very clear that people are buying smart-phones , tablets and other devices based on android or other platform with spending a big amount of money. After spending such huge amount if still you are not secure about safety of your device then it’s not a good point. To prevent your android device from such virus or malware attacks there are many antivirus apps available in the market. During the first six month of this year, almost one million users were infected with malware. So, it’s a warning bell to take some prevention for the long life of your precious android device read out Top 5 Free Best Antivirus for Android .

Here I have a list of Top free Best Antivirus for Android device. Also read The Best Free Antivirus for Windows 7 for PC.

1.     AVG Antivirus

After setting a big milestone for pc/computers, now this time AVG Antivirus is ruling over the heart of android users. It’s the Antivirus software for android platform which acquires first position in our list of Best Antivirus for Android. It’s Free Antivirus software and you can easily download it from the Google Play. This antivirus package has amazing features such as Real-Time Scanner, Task Killer, Backup Assistant, Malware Protection etc.

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2.     Lookout Mobile Security and Antivirus

This Antivirus comes with a tag line”Get Peace of Mind with this Security App”. This antivirus comes with many good features such as Antivirus-Protection, Theft Protection, and Data-Backup etc. Currently this app has over 300,000 users and you can download it free from Google Play. The main feature of this antivirus is that it protects your phone from any virus attack without draining the battery.

3.     McAfee Antivirus

McAfee is a very big name in the market of antivirus and it’s a company which better known for its quality products and services. It’s goodwill of company that today it has millions of users which are truly satisfied with the performance of the antivirus. McAfee Antivirus provides comprehensive security to your android device and supports other features like Safe Mobile Browsing, Anti Theft, Call and SMS Filter and Call Protection. So, it’s free and one of the Best Antivirus for Android.

4.     Kaspersky Mobile Security

This software is free available and protects your device from any malware, spyware and adware attack. After installing it into your android device you would get a real time protection against Malicious Programs, Spam, Unwanted Calls and SMSs. The software offers many unique privacy modes which allow you to access your contacts and communications.

5.     Eset Mobile Security

Eset Mobile Security is one of the Best Antivirus for Android and it’s easily available in Google Play with 30 day trial version. This security software protects your Android device from any harm or attacks caused by emerging threats. In case of stolen, you can easily locate your device using this security package.

In the latest trend, Androids are the essential part of a man’s life, but what about the malwares and other viruses which becoming the emerging threat for your expensive Android Device.

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