Top 5 Best Antivirus for Mac Operating system


Antivirus are the most important thing which is needed for the proper functioning of any operating system, here we will discuss about the 5 best antivirus for Mac. There is a misconception that Mac operating system doesn’t catch viruses, but this is not true because there viruses for each and every operating system. There are viruses which are specially designed for Mc operating system one of the most famous virus is piggybacked, this virus infect about 200,000 Mac computers. This is the reason because of which we are discussing about the best antivirus for Mac.

There is thousands of antivirus which are present in the market and they are separating in terms of the compatibility with the windows weather the antivirus is compatible with windows 8 or windows7 or android. So here is the list of best antivirus which will convert the most difficult task of choosing antivirus very simple:

Norton Antivirus for Mac

Top 5 Best Antivirus for Mac Operating system

Norton is one of the famous antivirus, Norton was known for the security it provide without any sacrifice with the speed of computer. It guaranteed the protection of your Mac from hackers, viruses, spyware etc, Norton is best antivirus for Mac not only for Mac it is best antivirus for windows7 too. This is the part of Symantec which is known for its global security network so I must say Norton is the best choice.

McAfee Antivirus For Mac

McAfee is also a very good protector for Mac, it provide the complete assurance of security about all problem which can affect computer processing. It provides Malware protection to the Mac device and also save it from hackers, Identity theft, and various viruses. So I think if you have installed McAfee in you Mac then you don’t need to worry about any kind of problem.

Bit Defender Antivirus for Mac

Bit Defender owns very good reputation in the world of antivirus , it provide complete protection from all kind of attacks by which a Mac book suffers like Virus attacks, Phishing attacks, Malwares etc. Its track record is quite awesome, and if you want to have a healthy Mac then you should go with this. This antivirus is the best antivirus for android so you should go with this.

ESET Cyber security for Mac

ESET is one of the best antivirus which work on its peak to save your Mac from the attack of Torjons, Malwares, hacking and various viruses etc. It is the best antivirus for windows 8, but there is one drawback it doesn’t provide firewall protection adequately. So I must say this is a good option you can go with this too.

Sophos Antivirus For Mac

Sophos antivirus for Mac work very well against all the threats like viruses, torjons, and malware. But the main advantage of this antivirus is that it comes free in the market you don’t have to pay anything for this. So in my suggestion you must try this antivirus on your Mac.

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