Best apps for Android


Those who would like to have more fun that current one on their Android device, should download the apps right now. Asking about which apps to download? Well, that question is quite natural to hit the walls of your mind, as there are many apps in the Google Play, and downloading all is practically not possible. Looking for best apps for Android is nothing less than a time-consuming task. Anyways, you don’t need to waste that time, as after a deep research, I am here with the list of best apps for Android. Do read out the list that points out the best apps for Android.


Best apps for Android

Everyone loves to stay connected with one’s loving beings, right? Do you also wish to always stay connected with your family members? If you wish that, then you must install Skype on your Android device right away. This incredible official Skype app is the best way to do video, text and voice chat with your friends over the web while on the go. Of course, you need to have Skype account for this app to make sense for you. If you don’t have that, then get one right away.


Email is the best way to communicate online, agree? When it comes to email, there is nothing better than Gmail that comes into the mind. This email service by Google has been up for many years, and has been fulfilling the email related needs of millions of people living worldwide. With official Gmail app installed on your Android, you can send emails to intended contacts on the move. You can read the incoming mails, and can also chat with your Gmail contacts with ease.


This social networking giant does not need any introduction, does it? If you have an account on this site, then you must install Facebook official app on your Android device. To get the best out of Facebook on the move on your Android device, you must install this app right away. With it, you can do all Facebook tasks like send messages, like, comment on posts, etc. Since the FB has got hundreds of millions of users, therefore its official Android app has got huge no. of downloads so far. The feedback from those users is quite good too. Both factors contribute and make this app stand in this list about best apps for Android.


Do you use Dropbox cloud storage service? If yes, then you must download official Dropbox Android app. With it, you can access the files stored in your Dropbox account at anytime you want to. Of course, you can upload new files with pretty ease, too. Because of huge popularity of the service and hence this app, it deserves rightfully to be here in this list about best apps for Android.

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