Best & Effective White Hat Digital Marketing Techniques for 2018

The digital marketing company in Mumbai claims that they will lose their previous value if user engagement supersedes the backlinks.

It's quite difficult to judge the exact Google parameters for gaining traffic and stimulating sales. Hence, white hat technique is the only option that helps in maintaining the best rankings in Google search results.

It is said that Google has a direct relation with good quality backlinks. The better-quality backlinks you have, the better rankings you will Score in SERP. In other words, Google backlinks can help you to gain more traffic and more chances of money making.

The methodology of backlink building by an SEO company has completely transformed after Penguin is imposed by Google algorithms.

We cannot earn money by simply writing hundreds of articles along with your backlink and post them on your site for gaining traffic. That is an old-school strategy which no more works. You can even get penalized or blacklisted by Google if you happen to wrongly manipulate things.

So, what are those key methods to build white Hat backlinks for the website?

The digital marketing companies has come up with relevant solution that can let you know what needs to be done:

Usage of Guestographics

Info graphics has become the most commonly used method for link building and generating quality backlinks. Accommodation of guest blogging strategy and infographics can help you to grab a considerable amount of authority backlinks. Although posting guest post takes a lot of effort, but then guest graphics approach is a shortcut to it.

Data Creation

Data creation should be done strategically to attain the contextual backlinks. A high-quality blog post won't accept your guest post if it comprises of backlinks with low quality content.

In order to get Link from a high-quality post, you need to create a worthy content on your blog which has the reference to the guest post. To get Link from a high-quality post you need to create a worthy content on your blog which has the reference to the guest post.

Alternatively, you can publish the infographic on your website along with a considerable amount of data references. Researches have proven that websites which have a higher amount of data are more likely to get enlisted. You can integrate screenshots, images, and videos and segment your data along with some reference links.

Give Testimonials

Testimonials create credibility about your hosting service or any other tool that you are habitual of using. You can offer free testimonials to the users over your website to prove that everything about you is genuine.

Promote Your Contents

One should know that the blogger who wants to develop their business in a short span of time, you need to focus on the stuffed contents. So, based on the informative and impressive contents, your website will be getting promoted. All you just need to write the current trend content with the perfect keywords which helps to find the right moment for viewers.

This kind of thing will be helpful for all the people who are focusing on the development of a website. Also, the marketing strategy is always important for the people to follow that whenever you are getting ready to post the content. 

Broken Link Building Strategy

The simple and effective strategy deployed by a digital marketing company to gain thousands of visitors at a single go is by creating a broken link building strategy for grabbing the links of others. You can generate similar sources for reaching out those points which particularly display updated source for making them aware of your link.

Follow Competitors and Study

As we all know that most of the people especially the beginners whenever tried to build the websites, they all are seeking for the perfect guide to complete the level. In this case, you need to follow your competitors.

It is also considered to be the best and safest place to follow. One should know that the competitors will work hard for their website to build. This kind of stuff will help you to learn in terms of improving the website.


People who all are seeking the strong information regarding the steps to build over white hat backlinks can make use of it with the help of above-given things. Hope it will be helpful for all the people that who want to develop their website in a short span of time.

By following the given steps, you can get the stuff regarding the improvement of the website. One should know that getting the ranking among the competitors is not an easy task. But somehow, there is a possible way for you to follow and properly develop your site.

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