Best Free Music Download App for Android


Android devices are best known to deliver entertainment at its best. Talking about the entertainment, music has always been the best way to get  entertained. Everybody loves to listen to their favorite music. You must be having all of your favorite music tracks on your Android device, have you? The fun level can be extreme only if the music gets delivered to our ears perfectly. In it, the music players play a big role. Although Android’s in-built music player delivers good quality, but if due to any reason you are not pleased from it, then I would suggest you to download any third-party music player app for your Android. There are many available in Google Play. Just head over there and look for the best ones. Oh! No, that task is not as simple as you might be thinking, so let me help you in that. Helping you by writing this article about best free music download app for Android.


Best Free Music Download App for Android

The very first name in this list about best free music download app for Android, is the n7player. This music player app has got an attractive user interface and plenty of features that are meant to enhance your music experience on your Android. The app has got 4.7-star rating which speaks about the usefulness and quality of this app itself. This app supports a no. of music formats which include  mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, wav. Support for m3u playlists, last.fb scrobbling, sleep timer, etc are some other eye-catching features of this music player app. All these features are the reasons why this music player is at the top in this list about best free music download app for Android.

PlayerPro Music Player

Browsing and playing music becomes an easy task when you use PlayerPro music player. In this app, you can browse and play by folders, albums, artists, genres, songs, playlists, etc. You can install any of 20+ available skins and thus can enhance look of the player. Lock screen widget is one of the super impressive features that this app has got for us. The only problem is that this app is not available for free. You need to pay $3.99 to get this app on your Android device. But since the features of this app are super amazing, therefore it’s worth to mention here at the no.2 in this list about best free music download app for Android.


Yeah, that popular player for Windows is available for Android too. Download it from Google Play for free. Millions of people have already done so, and are enjoying high-end music on their Android devices. If you want to join them, then go and download it right away. By the way, the star-rating of this app is 4 in Google Play which is quite attractive, right? That’s why I have listed it here in this article about best free music download app for Android.

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