Best Ways To Make Money Online - 10 Ideas

Initially web was designed only for information exchange, but over time it has become a medium that enables and facilitates doing business. Many people have their jobs just as "formal" and are using internet as a tool to achieve some additional income to supplement the salary they earn. Some lucky people cover all their expenses by working comfortably from home, thanks to the Internet. And others with a combination of luck, intelligence manage to make real business empires in cyberspace.

In the list below, there are 10 common ways to make money online:

1. Design and sale of flannels

A flannel garment is a very comfortable and casual. And it is used by people of all ages, cultures and levels. Here you can create unique designs or create simple but fun phrases and place them on shirts, bags, hats, etc., and make a viable alternative for income. The growth of the Internet has facilitated the sale of such garment worldwide. In fact, many sites allow you to create an online store, then you should make your own designs and show them.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is a profession to be practiced independently. Areas that are more amenable in this form of work are journalism, writing articles and writing in general, and computer programming, graphic design, consulting, translations and other similar services. Sure, you must have a good level of experience and knowledge to succeed laboring in that way.

3. Have a Blog

Most decide to start a blog because you feel passion for a specific topic, or just because you need to express your ideas, experiences, thoughts, share your photos, music and so on. But blogs can also be a way to get some income in exchange for pouring your endless stream of thoughts. The key here, as in many other Internet services, is selling advertising.

4. Earn through Adsense

After starting a personal blog, many writers are part of advertising services. The most common is Google Adsense, which generates Sponsored links that relate to the content of the website or blog in this case. The gain comes from the clicks that visitors make. The value of each click is usually very small (cents). The more times your blog readers do click on the ads, the more money you make. This works well if you're a casual blogger, which can at least afford the server costs. But if your blog is interesting, well written and get a lot of hits, some companies may be interested in placing display advertising on your site, and pay for it.

5. Sell your sites on auction

This is almost a classic and is the easiest way to get some extra money online. The concept is simple: if you have a few pots that you do not need, just the public and expect to bid on them. The advantage is that it requires a lot of effort, since the page is already cooked and just need to sign up and start selling.

6. Configure Micro Niches

This is one of the best ways to make money online. Just configure Micro Niches that can be on various topics. Since there are numerous types of blogs making money, the important thing here is to choose a single model. The choice of model will depend on your interests, skills, schedules and other factors. A solid and interesting blog can allow you to earn a few hundred dollars a month just by using tools such as Google AdSense and paid blogging websites.

7. Affiliate Marketing

This is also a very lucrative way to make money online by promoting a product and earn commissions every time a person buys the product you are recommending. There are a lot of products available in the market that encompasses various fields. All you have to do is choose a niche and promote some of the good products available. If you are interested in health then you can promote various plans or fitness programs and make money with it.

8. Working as Freelance

Being a freelancer means you are selling your skills and work in exchange for money. There are plenty of jobs available as a freelance web-design, programming, translation, proofreading, copywriting, video editing and transcription to name a few.

9. Creating and Selling Your Own Product

You can create your own products like images, web pages, e-books, video and audios. There are many websites that allow you to create and sell your electronic products also.

10. Websites Payments

These sites only pay you for reading emails, doing surveys, signing up for trial subscriptions and viewing ads. They also can include affiliate programs to further increase their income. Best websites getting payments is that you do not need to own a website or require any special skills.


From the above mentioned list you can see to make money online there is no need to be very skilled with computer. Even there is no need to be wealthy person and invest huge amount to succeed.

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