Best Ways to make money via Blogging - 10 Ideas

Is there an issue you're passionate about, which you'd spend hours talking nonstop, but your friends are tired of listening? It's time to start a blog. Sign up for Blogger or WordPress and tell the world what you have to contribute, meet people with your same interests, they will start to follow you, and will be an interesting exercise of reflection and personal growth, as well as encourage you to learn more about what you likes. Remember, the best way to learn something is trying to teach.

And what if you can change it into your regular income, thanks to your passion? Or get to do it your way of life? It will not be easy, but monetize your audience is a good option if you know how.

If you've managed to create a website with some traffic or are willing, here are 10 alternatives for monetizing that audience:

1. Incorporate advertising: It seems the obvious solution but it's just one more. There are numerous options. From direct sales to companies that want to advertise on their website (usually more helpful but harder to get) to the inclusion of classified ads, counting among them with Google Adsense as the most famous.

2. Affiliate Programs: Another common way to generate revenue for bloggers is to sell products to third parties via a link that identifies you, getting a commission whenever a sale through that link.

3. Items paid: Sometimes you can get deals for analysis or criticism of products or websites. If someone pays you because you write about your product or your website is important highlights which is a paid item.

4. Free model: You might consider offering some of your content for free and pay-shaped part, through subscriptions to access more features and exclusive content.

5. Maximum diffusion: In the previous model, you can choose to offer all content for free, also the highest quality, and accompany a Creative Commons license to allow diffusion always pointing the source (your site or blog). It is the model that follows UniMOOC. It will help you get your content audience and bring something positive to more people.

6. Post an ebook: If you create quality content, you can create an e-book that brings together your best contributions. Maximum Potential, speakers at UniMOOC, is a case in point. In Bubook can create your free ebook.

7. Services / Consulting / Coaching: Generate an online reputation can affect your online activity. You can offer consulting services to your audience and ask yourself to make the leap to the stage performing training sessions and presentations.

8. Sale of products: If you have an online business, creating a blog can be a good way to boost your sales. Emphasize better with your market potential and can be an interesting source of traffic to your website.

9. Develop a website around a blog: If a successful blog starts hearing is the time to scale up to larger goals. The Huffington Post went on to become one of the largest online newspapers in the United States. You retain your visitors by creating a community or social network via specialized tools like or hundreds of ideas.

10. Sell Your blog: Finally, if you've been able to generate a profitable website but I do not feel in the mood to continue with it or want to buy time for new projects, you can always try to sell it. Flippa is an example of marketing place where they are exchanged hundreds of Web sites each day.

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