Best Zombie Games for Android

Out of all type of games, zombie games have always been the favorite of most of gaming freaks. Who knows, you might also be among such gamers, are you? The popularity or better say craze for the zombie games is quite clear from the fact that these type of games are one of the most downloaded games of all times. Zombie games bring the fun at its best. Killing zombies, solving puzzles, clearing levels- all these are what are liked by every gaming freak. The best thing is that zombie games are not only available for PC, but for smartphones and tablets as well. Especially, there are bunch of amazing zombie games available for Android devices. In case you are curious to know about the best zombie games for Android, then you must keep reading this article ahead.

Zombie Dash

This one is undoubtedly the best zombie game available for Android devices. This continuous running and shooting game is favorite of many. The game's concept is to save the city which is surrounded by hungry zombies. The zombies have the aim to create nuisance in the city, while on the contrary, your task is to kill them all.

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The next one in this list of best zombie games for Android, is the Samurai Vs Zombies Defense 2. This game comes among the most downloaded zombie games on Android OS. Zombies intention is to disturb and kill the poor people. You are survivor. You can't see the poor in trouble. So, your task is to kill zombies who are in the misunderstanding that they are powerful. Yes, they might be powerful, but not more than you. Their ego is very high, so they would not understand this thing in words. Prove it practically.

Plants Vs. Zombies

The next one in this list of best zombie games for Android, is Plants Vs. Zombies. This game is very popular, and now the sequel of this game is about to hit the Google Play. In this game, there are more than 26 type of zombies. You are required to fight against them and make them history. The zombies have got boss, which is super dangerous. But you should not worry about it, you are dangerous, too!

Dead on Arrival

The city is in the immense grief, as just two days ago, a bomb blasted here. Zombies are making the scene even worse. You should not let them make so. But how? Obviously, by killing the zombies. Don't care about your life, you are a survivor.

Zombie, Run!

Last in this list of best zombie games for Android, is the Zombie, Run! Like the above mentioned games, this one is mix-up of adventure and fighting. This good combination makes this game fun to play, and an addictive one.

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