Bring into play of avast! Free Antivirus 8

Avast! Free Antivirus is a popular antivirus that provides free permanent protection of home users and non-commercial entities against viruses, spyware, root kits and other malware. At the same time protects users against threats on IM and P2P networks. The program also provides a shield used for trapping dangerous scripts and has a function to block potentially dangerous Web addresses.



Avast also includes add-on for Internet browsers to inform the user about the credibility of web sites which are about to enter. Directly in the search results will immediately know if that site is trustworthy or not. Avast allows you test your computer for viruses immediately after the restart, and it was in when they are not activated by viruses and cannot prevent its detection.

The greater safety of users of virtual technology contributes surfing, or function Auto Sandbox that runs suspicious programs in an isolated environment separate from your operating system. This prevents the spread of virus. Many users will appreciate the quiet mode, which ensures that in the course of playing computer games or watching movies will not be disturbed by reports antivirus.

Latest eighth generation avast! Free Antivirus provides operating system support Windows 8. This new user interfaces make the operation more intuitive and personalized program for touch screen devices. An important novelty of the latest version of avast! the Software Updater, which notifies users of outdated versions of installed applications and allows you to update them.

The free version of this function is triggered manually at the user's request, in the paid version of avast! Software Updater is working fully automatically. Avast also offering cleaning web browsers from unnecessary accessories and toolbars, which can unnecessarily slow their operation.

Antivirus works with browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. The activation and deactivation of each of the options, of course, be decided by the user. Developers also improved existing components avast! Free Antivirus. These include continuous adjustment of the virus database updates or the possibility of interruption of control when the device is powered from the battery.

• Antivirus and anti-spyware

• Intelligent Scanner

• Silent / gaming mode

• Behavior Shield

• Protection against root kits in real time

• Regular updating of databases and network

• Web Shield

• IM and P2P protection

• Avast! Community IQ

• Avast! track

• Avast! WebRep

The version 8 of Avast! Free Antivirus does, according to a revised interface design for the application in addition to a new browser cleanup tool. Furthermore, the application is fully compatible with Windows eighth Improves the developers have integrated sandbox solution, the overall performance and the stability of the security solution.

With the newly integrated software update, you can be informed about obsolete software components and fix these problems either directly.

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