Changing Trends in Job Search

The job search is constant in the lives of many who face the difficulty of the situation. They are forced to explore new ways of tracking. Social networks have become a tool in this process and gathering strength. Twitter has become a new source of job search in the new curriculum.


According to financial daily exposed, traditional job boards and curriculum to use are increasingly ineffective, so HR managers tend to resort this type of social media to post jobs and develop much of the process selection.

The key is to stand out from the others. The possibilities of attention via twitter, for example, are much higher than those offered by the traditional CV. And the ads with job offers seem to make sense either meet the new demands of the labor market and a different selection form.

Arise new forms of recruitment that include models ranging from interviews via Skype, to the idea that the value of our business in these networks will be as critical or more professional experience. In this scenario it is important to make a difference, the WSJ has called micro blogging network as "the expert in 140 characters".

It stands to reason that we must not underestimate the fact that social and professional networks have become a Rear Window speaking of who we are and what we do. In our profiles on these networks companies are increasingly turning to search candidates and contrast the information they have about them.

Here I offer some tips for those who, during their job search, want to try their luck on Twitter:

  • Try to follow companies that interest you and, as far as possible, those responsible for Human Resources.
  • Retweet and write yourself with them and with employees.
  • Use your profile to make it clear that you are looking for work.
  • It is important that whatever samples expressed or social network denote professionalism. Do not forget what we said before companies help your publications to get an idea of how you are.
  • Creates a 'curriculum' of 140 characters that includes a concise introduction that describes your skills, your interests and where you can get more information about you. You can include a link to a personal video that makes letter, very short.
  • And most importantly, I know right. You tweeting with your friends and followers about personal issues, but care forms.

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