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How To Check Vodafone Account Balance 2020

Vodafone is one of the largest Telecom operator in India, offering prepaid and postpaid services to consumers at an affordable price. At present, the operator also has the largest number of subscribers of its service spread all over the country. The Telecom Operator, Vodafone, provides plenty of easy options for users to check information related to their account balance and data balance, along with the validity of the pack. Vodafone offers a number of ways to check all of this information on your device without any hassle.

However, if you are a new subscriber of Vodafone, then chances are, you might not know how to check your Vodafone talktime and data balance. It's really important to check your account balance and recharge your account from time to time in order to avoid uninterrupted services on your device. So, in this tutorial, you will find the steps to check your Vodafone account balance and data balance information.

There are plenty of ways to check your Vodafone account balance, we have tried to list all the easiest ways in the following list. You may go ahead and follow any method from the below list in order to check your Vodafone balance and its validity. Let's go ahead and start off the tutorial without wasting any further time.

How To Check Vodafone Talktime Balance

So, the easiest way to check your Vodafone account balance is by dialing an USSD code from your smartphone. You can perform this method on basically any device, even on symbian phones. Also, there's no need to have internet connection in order to check your Vodafone balance using this method on your device. Dialing a simple USSD code will show you the remaining talktime and data balance in yoru account.

The steps to check Vodafone account balance with the help of an USSD code are as follows. Make sure to follow the below steps properly in order to avoid any issues.

  1. First of all, take out your phone and go to the dialer section to proceed.
  2. Now dial *111*2*2# on your device and wait for a few seconds.
  3. After a few seconds of dialing, you will receive a pop up window on your device.
  4. In the pop up window, you will find your talktime balance and its validity information.
  5. That's all, after checking the balance, simply hit the back button to remove the pop up.

This is probably the quickest way to check your Vodafone account balance, it's quite useful for people who do not use smartphones. There's another way through which you will receive your account data balance information in an SMS instead of pop up. Vodafone subscribers can check their account data balance information by sending an SMS in the below mentioned properly.

  1. Start Off by opening the messaging app on your mobile phone.
  2. Create a new message by selecting the appropriate option on yoru device.
  3. Now type in "Data Bal" in the message body and send it to 144.
  4. Just wait for a few seconds and you will receive a new message on your device.
  5. Open the received message to find your Vodafone data balance and its validity.

The above mentioned methods will instantly show you the account balance and internet data balance in your Vodafone account. In case, if there are any network issues in your location, the pop up or reply message might take some time to arrive on your device.

It's best to try again by dialing the USSD code or sending the SMS in the above mentioned format to know your account balance and its validity. If you would like to know more than just account account balance in your Vodafone account, then go you might want to try out the MyVodafone App on your smartphone.

What Is MyVodafone App?

MyVodafone is an official app released by Vodafone in the Google Play Store and the App Store. The app allows Vodafone subscribers to easily manage their account from anywhere and at anytime without any hassle. Using the MyVodafone app, you can perform the following things.

  • Instanyl check your account and data balance information at anytime on your device.
  • Pay your postpaid account bill instantly using the MyVodafone app within seconds.
  • Purchase exclusive data packs for your Vodafone mobile number from the app.
  • Keep track your Vodafone account data usage and balance information using the app.
  • Option to view your outstanding account balance as well as current account balance.
  • Recharge your prepaid number with any pack using your Credit card, debit card, wallet, etc.
  • Recharge or pay for another Vodafone mobile number using the app within a few seconds.

There are a lot of benefits of using the MyVodafone app if you're a subscriber of Vodafone. If you wish to download and install the MyVodafone app, then follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Open up the Google Play Store or the App Store on your smartphone to begin.
  2. Type "MyVodafone" in the search bar and wait for the results to pop up.
  3. Select the officially "My Vodafone" app from the results and Tap on "Install" option.
  4. After successful installation, You need to open the app and enter your Vodafone mobile number.
  5. Verify your mobile number by entering the OTP code in order to access to the app. That's all!

Please keep in mind that MyVodafone is exclusive to Vodafone customers only, if you are not a subscriber of Vodafone, then there's no point in downloading and installing the app since you won't be able to access it. Upon verifying the mobile number, you will receive access to the app where you can check your data balance and perform recarhegs with ease.

Final Words

If you want to save yourself from the trouble of downloading an additional app on your smartphone, then the USSD and SMS method is probably the best option for you. However, with MyVodafone app, you cannot only check your account balance and data information, but also pay for your bills and recharge your mobile number in an instant using your desired payment method.

Again, you're free to follow any method that is comfortable to you. In the end, let us know if you any additional help with the above guide in the comment section below.

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