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Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera...popular and well-known browsers that are used by the whole world. But what if I say that there are many more browsers in the world? Don't you believe it? There are more than three dozen different browsers. Various communities, foundations and just enthusiasts develop their browsers that anyone can download free.

Best Anonymous Browser

Today, we will consider the different browsers using which you can protect your Internet activity. Based on our top of browsers, you can choose the best anonymous browser!

Best Anonymous Browser!


Utopia P2P ecosystem is a decentralized closed system that represents a whole range of functionality. It includes uMessenger - instant messenger, which works on the principle of popular messengers, but sends and receives encrypted messages. You can also create private chats. uMail is a traditional email service that transfers encrypted and secret files and documents. Idyll Browser is an anonymous browser built on the principle of uNS technology. It means that all sites are already created in the system and each user can add or create new ones. uWallet is an electronic wallet that can be used to carry out any transactions within the ecosystem. All payments will be made in cryptocurrency - cryptons.

Utopia is constructed under a peer-to-peer architecture. It means that it does not use a single server where all data is stored. Instead, Utopia creates a separate server for each client. Access to the server opens a personal key that the ecosystem generates during registration.

Utopia uses the most advanced encryption technology-multi-level encryption based on the use of high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES. Therefore, the risk that user data will be stolen is minimal.


Waterfox is an open browser originally created for the 64-bit Windows operating system but later has become the last mainstay of the classic Firefox. You can put the old interface using Classic Theme Restorer and old plugins that do not work in Quantum.

In short, the browser tries to be convenient and practical, does not use client information and supports the outdated extensions. In 2015, there was a version of Waterfox for 64-bit versions of the Android OS.

Pale Moon

Those to whom Waterfox, for some reason, does not come, for example, an old PC and a 32-bit OC, should pay attention to Pale Moon. It is quite suitable and popular for use.

It has started from version 26 and switched to Goanna - a fork of the Gecko engine. Like Waterfox, it is cleared of spyware and advertising features. It has its extension store, but there are very few of them. For users, Windows XP has received an unofficial version of New Moon.


The oldest of the updated browsers on the PC. Perfect for weak machines. It works “out of the box " - everything you need is already there, including localization. Features include full customization, support for mouse gestures, support for digital certificates WebMoney, serious attitude to private data and constant development. Besides, it is one of the most secure browsers - no muck from the Internet can not be embedded in it.


It includes an RSS aggregator. Appeared in Japan in 2001, but the international commercial version was released in 2008. It works on three engines for displaying pages - Gecko, Trident and WebKit. The browser chooses which engine to use when displaying the page. But if you want you can change the engine. It has a very nice interface and built-in themes and add-ons. An exciting feature is a cascading view, which allows you to display several tabs at once in one window.

You can connect some add-ons from Firefox. Lunascape is the most convenient and advanced browser of the unpopular and probably many would have switched to it, get this browser more advertising. There are versions for Mac OS, iOS, Android.


After the appearance of Chromium and Google Chrome, the browser world turned upside down. Old browsers mastered the WebKit and Blink engines, new ones were made in the likeness of Google Chrome and did not differ much from it. The competition of chrome-like browsers was so high that even the best ones could not stand it and left the market.

Brave has focused on resolving the conflict between users and advertisers who collect their data. The browser tries to motivate users to find the content they love using the Brave Rewards system. Among the features of the browser are a powerful ad blocking and other threats, support for extensions from Chrome. Each new tab has a background - a beautiful photo and shows different data. Otherwise, it is very similar to Chrome.

Avant Browser

Avant functionality is very similar to Lunascape. There are two versions on three engines Microsoft Trident and Webkit (Blink)/Gecko.There is a multi-window interface, RSS feed reader, mouse gestures, online bookmarks, split view, tab over browser Windows and mouse gestures. An interesting feature of the browser is the built-in video Downloader.

The browser's website reports that Avant has minimal memory on the Windows platform. The browser is well suited for people who are busy creating various content.

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