Convert LTE phones into VoLTE


The world is becoming technical rapidly or you can say that we are now living in the era of technology where gadgets are the first need of human beings. Video callings were the dream but now it is a reality. The only demand is the good network and this network problem is solved by reliance JioJoin app. It has very good connectivity options and good network options. VoLTE changes the whole traditional cellular network criteria.

There is no such technology available in the market like this which gives you such amazing features. It will revolutionize the market with its unique and outstanding features. JioJoin will allow you high clarity Voice and video calls with any cellular network and this feature is only provided by JioJoin app. VoLTE gives you an option to call anyone without cellular networks.

About JioJoin App

  • While using WhatsApp and Skype, you can only contact with your friends only. If your friend or relatives don’t have the same app then you cannot connect with him with these apps. But not in case of JioJoin app. It is totally different from Whatsapp, Viber and Skype. You can connect with your loved ones if they don’t have JioJoin app.
  • Second thing, the clarity of your call depends on the internet connectivity of both the user’s smartphones. Poor internet connectivity of any party will ruin your call but JioJoin app has overcome all these problems. It has a wide range of networks so that there is no chance of call drop due to network.
  • If you want to make any call with the help of JioJoin app then it is not necessary that the other party should have internet connectivity in their phone. Only the caller should have strong internet connectivity and this would be possible with the help of Jio SIM.

Ultimate Features of JioJoin App

  1. One of the most ultimate features of Jiojoin app is audio and video conference call. You can connect with 4 to 6 people at a time by using JioJoin app. You can also hold a person at any time on the running conference call.
  2. The second main feature of JioJoin app is that there is no need of installation of this app on both the phones. Only one of you has the app and 4G network is sufficient to use all these features.
  3. The interface of JioJoin app is totally different and very user friendly. You feel a great experience while calling your friend or relative or colleague by using this app.

Advantage over other Internet Calling Apps

  • The regular internet calling apps like WhatsApp and Skype based on internet connectivity only. The most important note while using these apps is that both of them require superior quality internet connectivity. In order to use them you and the other user should have great internet connectivity. If any one of you has poor connectivity then it will ruin your call. But this problem is solved with JioJoin app.
  • In JioJoin app only person who is making a call should have internet connectivity. It doesn’t matters that the receiver will have internet connectivity or not.
  • You can use this app by using other cellular network which means that you can make a call with the help of any other cellular network available by using your own mobile number. It means you don’t need to change your number while using other Cellular network.


In short, we can say that VoLTE is an innovative invention in networking field. With the help of this technology, there is no need to depend on cellular networks. It gives the freedom from traditional cellular networks. So what are you waiting for? Grab this JioJoin app now and enjoy all the latest features.

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