How To Get CrunchyRoll Guest Pass For Free

CrunchyRoll is currently the most popular option when it comes to streaming of Anime TV shows / Movies and Japanese Manga. The platform enables its users to watch their favorite Anime shows on pretty much any device without any restrictions. As of now, there are only two official streaming platforms available on the web, i.e Funimation and CrunchyRoll. Most of the users prefer to go with Crunchy Roll since it brings all the subbed Anime TV shows and Movies to the table.

In addition to this, the content library of CrunchyRoll is actually quite vast and features a lot of good stuff compared to its counterpart. Well, if you have been watching Anime TV shows and Movies for a long time, then chances are, you might have heard or come across Crunchyroll on the Internet. It is the most favoured streaming platform among Anime fans all around the world.

What Is CrunchyRoll Guest Pass

So, basically, users who have already purchased the premium subscription of Crunchyroll will receive a guest pass code once every month on their email address. The received codes can be shared with other people which would grant them free access to Crunchyroll platform and allows them to try out the premium service for free of cost upto 48 hours.

In the end, you will be able to check out the streaming platform and browse through its content library for a limited period of time with the help of Crunchyroll guest pass. So, if you have a guest pass already, then you just have to enter it on the official web page and the service would be activated in your account for 2 days.

In case, if you don't have a Crunchyroll guest pass, then don't worry. Go ahead with the article to know how to obtain CrunchyRoll guest pass for free of cost.

Why Use Crunchyroll Guest Pass?

At this point, you may already know that Crunchyroll isn't actually free for users. Of course, you can browse and watch a bunch of Anime shows on the platform as a free user. However, for free users, the streaming quality will be reduced to 480p and the content library will be very limited. If you're a die hard fan of Anime or wish to catch up with all the latest anime TV shows and Movies that are being aired in Japan, then you need to get the premium subscription of Crunchyroll.

Under the free subscription, you will be forced to watch advertisements every now and then while streaming an Anime TV show episode or Movie. By having the Crunchyroll premium subscription, you will be able to get rid of all such things and get access to a vast array of Anime TV shows and Movies.

We understand that some of you may find the price of Crunchyroll to be expensive or you might not be in a position to pay at the moment. If that's the case, then there's an option called CrunchyRoll Guest Pass which will let you access the platform and stream its content without any charges for upto 48 hours.

People who do not wish to pay or would like to try out the platform before purchasing the subscription can check out the service with the help of a guest pass. Today, in this article, we're going to explain how a CrunchyRoll guest pass works and how you can get them for free of cost. Let's go ahead and start off the topic by explaining what a Crunchyroll Guest pass is..

How To Get Crunchyroll Guest Pass

If you're reading this article, then probably you have been searching for Crunchyroll guest passes on the internet. Go ahead and check out the following ways to acquire the guest pass.

Ask Your Friend For Guest Pass

If you happen to have a friend who is a premium member of Crunchyroll, then perhaps, try asking them for the code. Crunchyroll wants their premium users to share the code with their friends so that they could try out the service for free for a limited period of time. This is actually the easiest and simplest way to get the Crunchyroll Guest pass without any effort.

Anime Forums

There are several Anime Forums available on the internet where you might find other users sharing their guest pass code. Moreover, Crunchyroll has its own forum where a lot of people share their guest passes or give away the codes to other users. Make sure to check out a couple of Anime forums on the web, there's a good amount of chance that you will find a working Crunchyroll Guest pass over there.

Reddit Guest Pass Weekly Thread

Chances are, you have heard of Reddit or probably using it. Under the Crunchyroll subreddit, you will find a new thread of every Thursday where a bunch of Crunchyroll Guest passes are up for grabs. You just have to be super quick and grab the code as soon as the thread goes live. In the beginning, you may miss the chance to get the code, but after a few attempts, you will definitely get one for yourself.

How To Use Crunchyroll Guest Pass Code

There's a standard procedure that you need to follow in order to avail the benefit of Crunchyroll guest pass. Go ahead and follow the below mentioned steps to use the guest pass code on Crunchyroll platform.

  1. First of all, Visit the official Crunchyroll Guest pass web page using a web browser on your device.
  2. Make sure to sign in to your Crunchyroll account or create a new one if you don't have one already.
  3. Now enter your guest pass code on the web page and click on continue to proceed further.
  4. If the entered code is correct, then the premium service will be activated for 2 days in your account.
  5. Now just go to the home page and start streaming your favorite Anime TV shows and Movies.

The service will automatically expire after 2 days of entering the code. Make sure to get the subscription if you like the service after the free period is over.


CrunchyRoll guest pass system is actually quite useful for people who want to try out the platform before purchasing the subscription. Sometimes, getting the guest pass may seem quite difficult especially if you don't have friends who aren't using Crunchyroll premium. Nonetheless, you may follow the above mentioned methods to grab a Crunchyroll guest pass and access the service for 2 days.

In case you have any additional doubts regarding the Crunchyroll guest pass system, let us know in the comment section below.

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