Data recovery software for Mac- EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

In a day to day smart life, losing a digital form of data has become more common among the people. Thus the main reason for losing data is due to the failure of software or hardware issue. There is also a possibility of viruses which may track your saved files and delete it. This is the main reason why most of the time people have lost their data. In this case, there is software we can search to protect from deleting and help for recovering the data.

It is none another than EaseUS Data Recovery wizard. This software will be mainly used and support for Mac in terms of recovering the data if you lost it. For your information, you can get this software at free of cost. For its amazing performances, there are more than 30 millions of users using this great recovering software on their Mac. It is said to be the free data recovery software to download which is highly provides to the users of 100% safe and reliable. On the other side, you can also install this software of pro version. When it comes to pro version, you can check out that the features are intentionally added for the users to make use of it.

Important features

Here we are providing some of the excellent features to have a look before downloading it on your Mac. Hope it will be helpful for your reference.

  • By using this amazing software, you can recover an enormous number of lost data.
  • You can recover the data from time machine backup drive.
  • It supports the devices to recover data are Mac computers, hard drive, SD card, Digital camera and more.
  • This software also offers the free lifetime upgrade.
  • It generally functions as free technical form of support.
  • Easy to recover data during your Mac OS difficult to boot up.

These are the amazing features that you should know before downloading this software on your Mac.

How to use

Most of the people are seeking for the stuff to know about that how to recover the data if you lost it from Mac. For those people, here we are sharing some of the important steps that you should follow below.

  1. First of all, the user of Mac must select the respective files that they want to recover completely.
  2. After the above process is completed, you should now select the partition or disk where you actually lost the data.
  3. Now, the user should click the option “Scan” which is appearing on the screen. It will help to start searching for lost data.
  4. After the scanning process is completed, you can preview all the recoverable files in advance. Now, you need to select the respective files and save all the recovered data by just clicking “Recover” option.

These are the simple steps that you need to use for recovering the data by using this amazing software. One should know that the Quick scan fails, and then you can go with the option like a Deep Scan. It will be helpful in terms of advanced Mac data recovery.

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