Delete Freecharge Account

How Can You Get Rid of Freecharge Account Permanently?

In the very beginning, I would like to ask all my readers’ one question.

Do you always carry hard cash in your pocket? Well, you don’t! The reasons may be various. You fear your money getting stolen, or you may lose it yourself. This is very normal.

So how do you make payments when you buy anything? Very simple. By using Freecharge!

It goes beyond my saying the Freecharge is one of the leading payment apps now. Any kind of payment starting from postpaid to prepaid, metro recharge, DTH, and other payments can be made by Freecharge.

After dealing with a lot of Freecharge you may not feel like using it anymore. What will you do then? Throw it away? But how?

Well, when you do not need the services of, you can delete the account.

Surprised? Here you will know the procedure of removing your unused Freecharge account.

Delete Freecharge Account

Know How Beautiful Freecharge Account is?

Let’s consider that first.

What’s best about Freecharge is that it aims to get more merchants from all over the country so that its payment chain is broadened.

After using Freecharge you will know how much easy, simple and hassle-free it is. In order to pay or transfer money, you only have to have a Freecharge account.

Log in to your Freecharge account. Choose the payment method. You can use either your Freecharge wallet balance or you make payment through your cards.

Before you delete your account make sure that not a single penny is there in the Freecharge account.

If you have any, you can use it in the following ways:

  • Chat and pay feature
  • #Onthego PIN feature
  • Phone number and OTP feature
  • Pay through WhatsApp feature
  • QR Code scan feature

Know How to Delete Freecharge Account Permanently:

Deleting your Freecharge account can be done only by applying some simple tricks. Whatever be your reason, you can delete it at any time.

Like other social sites, Freecharge does not offer you so many options for deleting the account. One method to delete the Freecharge account is to speak to them directly by email.

Okay, so let’s focus on the steps to delete you Freecharge account.

  • Login into your email and go to ‘compose’ new email.
  • Type in the email field.
  • Now write down an email that will support their team. Give a detailed account of the reasons for leaving Freecharge. Request them humbly to remove you from their Freecharge account.

No sooner you receive the mail than your Freecharge account will be deleted. After the whole process is completed, you will receive a confirmation mail.

This way, your account will be deleted successfully.

Before you delete your Freecharge account, there are certain vital things to be remembered.

Before you connect with the Freecharge team, you have to be very sure of certain things. Make sure that you don’t have any balance left in the account. If at all you have any leftover money, know that it will be a waste. Otherwise, wait till it is fully utilized. Either go shopping or get some recharge done instead of wasting the money.

Final Note:

Follow the steps as provided above and it will be very simple to turn off your Freecharge account. You only have to send a humble mail and put forth the reasons for leaving Freecharge.

Remember, always use an email account that’s in proper condition. If the email account is dormant you will not receive any confirmation email.

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