Desktop Apps for Windows 7

Although Windows 8 has been available for quite some time now, but there are many people who are still with the Windows 7. There are many reasons why people consider the switching to Windows a8 as a bad deal. There is no Start menu, the shut down, restart processes are complex etc. Anyways, we are not here to talk about that, instead, to talk about the best desktop apps for Windows 7 free download. As you know, you can enhance your experience with Windows 7 by using various apps. By installing desktop apps for Windows 7, you can save your time by getting easy to access to most common features. Most importantly, by this, you can have a better Windows 7, and hence a better computing experience.

All CPU Meter

Desktop Apps for Windows 7

The very first need of any person while using computer is processing speed. If processing speed is not good, then the overall experience will be very bad. You can make your computer run at its best by keeping track of CPU performance all the time. This can be effectively done by using the app called All CPU Meter. This is a simple to use app that you can install on your Windows 7 in no time. Since the performance is first demand from computer, therefore this app grabs the first spot in this list of desktop apps for Windows 7.

Ultimate Explorer

Do you like to surf web? Do you need to do it daily? If yes is your call, then this app that acquires second spot in this list of best desktop apps for Windows 7, is must for you. This app lets you browse the web while being on your desktop. Not all sites can be searched by this, but popular ones. When you have this app on your Windows 7, you don’t need to perform the hassle task of opening internet browser again and again.

App Launcher

This app is must for all users of Windows 7. Just install this app and make the app launching work easy. You can place your favorite apps in the quick launch bar that this app brings for you. If you don’t wish to see any app in dashboard of this App Launcher, then just remove it with single click. Yeah, you can add new ones, as many as you want, and that also with a single click.

Magic Folder

Are you sick of seeing too many files on your desktop and don’t have time to move them? This app in this list of desktop apps for Windows 7, is what is meant for you. Just move your desktop files to this folder. It will then automatically move the files to the appropriate folders and will notify you.

Clipboard Manager

If you want to organize clips in a better and simple way, then you must download Clipboard Manager. This app is quite simple to use. You can organize your favorite clips as well.

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