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Windows 7 makes the computing work simple. It's far better than Windows XP or any other previous version of Windows. Not only this, but many people call it as better than Windows 8 as well. Since this Windows is highly popular, so the chances are quite high that you have the same on your computer. Is it so? If yes, then you might be familiar that there are many desktop apps Windows 7 free download. By downloading such apps, you can enhance your experience, you can ease the tasks, and hence can increase your productivity. If you are tired of searching about the best desktop apps Windows 7 free download, then you will be pleased to know that you have landed on the right page. I am here with the list of must have desktop apps for Windows 7. Do read the article ahead.

Clipboard Manager

There are many apps for clips management, available for Windows 7, but nothing is better than Clipboard Manager. This simple to use app has got good feedback from all of its users so far. This app is available for free download. With this, you can save up to 999 clips which is a damn big count. The clips can be organized in the way you want. You can access the clips at anytime. The best part is, if you have any good clips that have a special meaning for you, then you can send then to 'favorite' category, in the manner of single click.

Facebook Explorer

All those out of you who are addicted to social networking site 'Facebook', must download this app. Since there are many who use FB daily, therefore this app shines at the no.2 spot in this list of desktop apps Windows 7 free download. With this app, you can access your FB account while on the desktop. If you are like me who does not like to open the browser again and again just to access the Facebook, thenĀ  you must go for this app. All new notifications, messages, friends' status updates etc., pop-up on the desktop. Of course, you can change the settings to receive only those notifications on desktop, that you desire to.

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App Launcher

Whether or not you do multitasking, this app must be downloaded by you. This is one of the best desktop apps Windows 7 free download. This app has got intuitive and simple user interface, which makes it simple to use for everyone. With App Launcher, you can make thetask of accessing your favorite apps, easy and simple. Just place the icons of your favorite apps in the dashboard of App Launcher, and then launch any of them with single click. Add as many apps you want. If your lot of time goes into opening new apps, then you must download this app. Indeed a deserving name for this list of best desktop apps Windows 7 free download.

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