Did Al Gore invent the Internet

Today's life is all about technology. With latest gadgets hitting the stores, today's human is completely surrounded with the technology. One of the best gifts that technology has ever given to man is 'Internet'. Internet is nothing less than a necessity in today's life. Almost every work somehow depends on Internet. In a very short time, Internet has progressed a lot. It has become the best way of communication and to get knowledge about any particular topic.

If we talk about today's youth, Internet seems to be more important than food. They spend most of their time on Internet. Social networking sites are nothing less than addiction for them.

Anyways, one thing that is quite sad is that most of people just don't like to know about the history of any particular thing. They just call it as 'wastage of time' in knowing about history. They don't find any benefit in rolling the pages of history. All such people are seriously dumb who should be admitted in the primary schools, again.

Knowledge of history, inventor of any particular service is very important. Talking about the Internet, I bet that most of people don't know who invented the Internet. It's seriously bad that you surf the waves of web daily, can't live  without Internet, but have not even bothered ever to know about its inventor.

If you take time to find on the web about who invented the Internet, you will surely come across the debate about 'did Al Gore invent the Internet'. There are many sources which say that Al Gore is the person who invented the Internet, but at the same time, there are many who are against this claim. The debate about 'did Al Gore invent the Internet' is all over the web, and can put you into confusion that whether Al Gore invented the Internet or it's just about false claims and all! I know the question in hand is very interesting, and you must be very desperate to know about whether or not Al Gore invented the Internet. The following section will give satisfactory answer to the question 'did Al Gore invent the Internet'.

Did Al Gore Invent the Internet

The answer is NO! Al Gore did not invent the Internet. It is quite surprising that from where this debate about 'did Al Gore invent the Internet' started, because Al Gore never claimed that he has invented the Internet. It's unclear that why people start a debate in this matter, when he himself says that he has not invented the Internet.

If we go deep in the search, then we find that what is the origin of debate, The base of the debate comes from March 1999 interview with Wolf Blitzer. In this interview, Al Gore said:

"During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet."

The words 'creating the Internet' have been taken in the wrong sense and this is from where the debate starts. The actual meaning of these words show clearly that Al Gore did not invent the Internet, but just helped in creating so.

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